The Cutest Wood Bead Easter Wreath: A Tutorial

DIY Wood Bead Easter Wreath | Finding Mandee

If you’ve been around this blog long, then you know that I have a wreath for every season! Making door decor is one of my favorite things and Easter is no exception.

Last year, during quarantine, I made a wood bead wreath and turned out so good, that I had to have another one. This time the wreath would be Easter themed and in the shape of a bunny.

DIY Wood Bead Easter Wreath Tutorial | Finding Mandee

While scrolling Pinterest, I came across a video where a woman used wire hangers as the base for her wood bead wreath. I didn’t have any wire hangers sturdy enough to hold their shape while hanging. So, I modified her method.

Here’s how I made this adorable wood bead Easter wreath!

Step 1: Gather Easter Wreath Supplies

I got most of the supplies for this wreath from Hobby Lobby. However, the split wood beads came from my favorite Etsy shop and you can get 10% off of your order when you use the code ‘findingmandee’.

For this wreath, you will need:

  • 12″ embroidery hoop
  • 18″ wood bead wreath with 1″ beads
  • 14 2″ inch split wood beads (use code ‘findingmandee’ for 10% off)
  • flowers & greenery
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • wire cutters (not pictured)
  • drill & tiny drill bit (not pictured)
  • pen or pencil (not pictured)
Supplies for the DIY wood bead Easter wreath.
(Supplies for the wood bead Easter wreath.)

Step 2: Make the Ears

The first step to making your Easter wreath is to make the bunny’s ears.

Use your wire cutters to cut the 18″ wreath in half and remove the beads. Then bend the metal frame of the wreath into bunny ears.

Pro Tip: Place one bead at the center of the half circle and bend the wire in half until the 2 ends meet.

Making the bunny ears for the wood bead wreath.
(The bunny ears were easier to shape than I thought.)

After shaping the ears, lay the ears against the embroidery hoop to decide the placement. Bend the base of the ears out a little wider to give them more stability. Then mark the placement of the ears on the embroidery hoop with your pencil.

Decide the placement of the ears on your Easter wreath.
(It was already looking cute, even with it’s bare bones.)

Step 3: Glue Down the Split Beads

While I already had it laying flat, I decided to go ahead and glue down the split wood beads.

Using hot glue, I attached the split beads to the edge of the embroidery hoop.

I left a large gap between the beads at the top of the wreath, but this will be filled with the bunny’s flower crown later.

Glue the split wood beads to the edge of the embroidery hoop.
(The bunny’s head is done!)

Step 4: Attach the Ears

Attaching the ears to the embroidery hoop was the most frustrating and difficult step of the whole project.

In the video I found, the lady wrapped the wire she used around the base of her wreath. However, the wire that I was using from the wood bead wreath was much too thick and stiff to wrap completely around the embroidery hoop.

Attaching the ears to the bunny wreath was the hardest part.
(Yay for husbands with power tools!)

After trying {unsuccessfully} wrap the wire, my husband decided to drill holes in the embroidery hoop using a tiny drill bit. (If using this method, use a drill bit that is roughly the same size as the wire you used for the ears.)

Once the holes were drilled, we pushed the ear wires through and added some hot glue to hold them in place.

Bend the wire and add hot glue to secure the bunny ears to the embroidery hoop.
(We added hot glue to the wire that was cut too short to keep it secure.)

Step 5: Add the Flower Crown

Finally, it was time to add the bunny’s flower crown!

Cut or pull the flowers from their stems and separate small stems of greenery from the bush.

I used 2 large peonies in different shades of pink, small white flowers, and a bush of eucalyptus greenery.

Place your greenery first, then the white flowers, then follow with the peonies. Secure them all with hot glue.

(I forgot to take pictures of adding the flowers….but just make them look pretty!)

Step 6: Hang Up and Enjoy!

Once your bunny has it’s flower crown, the Easter wreath is complete. It’s time to hang it on the front door!

DIY Wood Bead Easter Wreath | Finding Mandee
(I love this little bunny!)

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