DIY Valentine Wreath

DIY Valentine Wreath | Finding Mandee

Valentine’s Day is upon us and my front door remains unadorned. As the self-proclaimed Queen of Wreaths, it’s unacceptable, I know.

But I can’t tell you how many times I have searched Pinterest for a Valentine wreath, only to come up uninspired. I don’t know why it was so hard for me to find a Valentine wreath that I liked. So, I decided to make my own.

I have made a few yarn-wrapped wreaths and I loved how they turned out. Plus, you can find any color yard that you could want, so it’s easy to customize.

I knew I didn’t want a traditional red and white color scheme. And since this is the one holiday that you’re allowed to by overly feminine I wanted pink. And this is what I got!

DIY Valentine Wreath | Finding Mandee

Gather Valentine Wreath Supplies

I didn’t keep up with exactly how much this wreath cost, since I had some of the supplies already on hand. However, it shouldn’t be more than $30 and everything can be picked up at Wal-Mart! (Yay for not having to drive to Fayetteville to go to a craft store!)

  • styrofoam wreath form
  • yarn (4 colors)
  • sheet of styrofoam/foam board
  • hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • scissors
  • wooden dowel
  • letter stickers

Step 1: Wrap Wreath Form

(The wreath form after it’s all wrapped up in baby pink yarn.)

The first step to making this adorable Valentine wreath is the most tedious. You have to wrap your wreath form with yarn. I have done a couple of yarn-wrapped wreaths and it always takes a while. I wish there was some trick I could give you to make it go faster, but alas, you just have to wrap and wrap and wrap.

However, *pro-tip* binge-watching one of your favorite shows makes the time go by much faster.

Step 2: Draw Hearts on Styrofoam

(Please disregard my heinous drawing skills.)

When you’re finally done wrapping the wreath form, you’re ready to start making decorations for it! First, you’ll have to draw hearts on your styrofoam.

Make sure you make different sizes! I made 4 big ones, 3 medium, and 3 little ones.

Your drawing doesn’t have to be perfect. It took me several tries on each heart to get each side even.

Step 3: Cut Out the Hearts

(Thankfully the yarn will hide all of these imperfections.)

After you’re done drawing the hearts for your Valentine wreath, it’s time to cut them out.

The thick styrofoam makes cutting a smooth edge very difficult. Luckily, it doesn’t matter if the edges are raggedy since the yarn is gonna make them all round and smooth.

Step 4: More Yarn Wrapping!

Yarn wrapped heart for Valentine's Day wreath.
(Just look how cute that ugly little heart turned out after a little bit of yarn wrapping!)

Yep…back to it – more yarn wrapping!

Thankfully, wrapping the hearts is much faster and easier than the wreath form.

Make sure when wrapping the hearts to wrap in different directions to give them some texture. When the styrofoam is all covered and the hearts is all nice and puffy, tuck the yarn in on the back.

Step 5: Add Wooden Dowel

Yarn hearts for Valentine wreath.
(Look how cute they are all together!)

Choose which heart you’re going to put the arrow through. Add a wooden dowel through the yarn on the back. I also added a dot of super glue around the dowel to help hold it in place.

Step 6: Make Arrow Pieces

Yarn wrapped heart for Valentine wreath.
(These little arrow pieces were the most aggravating part of the whole wreath!)

To make the tip of the arrow and the fletching (that’s the actual word for the do-hickey on the back of the arrow – who knew?), I cut out a triangle and fletching shape from leftover styrofoam.

Then I wrapped these small pieces in yarn, which was extremely aggravating. Trying to get yarn wrapped around those little points made me cuss. It would be easier to just cut these shapes out of cardstock and call it a day, but that’s up to you.

Step 7: Glue It All Together

Glitter letters added to the Valentine's Day wreath.
(A little glitter is necessary for Valentine’s Day!)

Finally, it’s time for our Valentine wreath to all come together!

Place your ‘arrow heart’ on the wreath form first and glue it in place. Then place the the remaining hearts around the wreath and glue them down.

Don’t forget to add the Xs and Os for a little bit of glitter!

And you’re done!

Hang your Valentine wreath on the front door and enjoy!

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