How to Make a DIY Wood Bead Wreath

How to Make this DIY Wood Bead Wreath | Finding Mandee

My Pinterest feed is always full of wreath ideas, especially since I am a self-proclaimed wreath aficionado. I’m always on the lookout for something new for my front door. And it’s even better if I can find a way to make it myself.

How to Make this DIY Wood Bead Wreath | Finding Mandee

So, when I came a across a wreath made of chunky wooden beads, I was intrigued. Wood beads are super trendy in home decor right now, but I hadn’t seen a wreath with them yet.

As soon, as I clicked over to Etsy and saw the hefty price tags, I decided to try to make my own wood bead wreath.

It wasn’t difficult at all! Here’s how I made this DIY wood bead wreath:

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Gather your supplies for your DIY wood bead wreath.

Perhaps the hardest part of making this DIY wood bead wreath was getting the supplies. Of course, this was mostly due to the COVID crisis, but I ordered the wood balls and wreath ring in March, but didn’t receive them until the end of May.

**I have since found a more reliable supplier for wood beads! The HobKobin shop on Etsy is a great source for these. Make sure you use the discount code ‘findingmandee’ for 10% off your order.**

Like all of the wreaths on my blog, there’s so many ways to make this wreath your own. You can get a bigger wreath form or smaller wood beads. And there’s so many different flowers and ribbons to choose from. I saw some of these wood bead wreaths made with magnolias that are gorgeous!

If this wreath looks familiar, it’s because I had these flowers left over from the peony wreath I made earlier this year!

Step 2: Glue Wood Beads to Wreath Form

Step 2 of the DIY wood bead wreath is to glue the beads to the wreath form.

After getting all of your supplies together, the first step is to glue the split wood beads onto the wreath form.

This was probably the easiest part of the whole process. Used 3 small dots of hot glue to attach the flat side of the beads to the wreath form.

Make sure you leave a 6-8 inch gap for your floral arrangment!

Step 3: Attach the Greenery

Step 3: Attach the greenery to the wood bead wreath.

I forgot to take a picture of this step until after I had glued on one of the flowers, sorry!

But next, attach your greenery with hot glue. I used lamb’s ear since I already had some on hand.

Step 4: Add Flowers

Step 4: Add flowers to your DIY wood bead wreath.

After your greenery is secure, add your flowers. I used one big peony, one medium-sized peony, and 6 small ranunculus flowers.

It’s a little difficult to attach the flowers to such a small wreath form, but it’s easier if you pull the flowers off the stems. Use plenty of hot glue and even glue the flowers to the greenery leaves to make them more stable.

I left a gap between my flower groupings for the bow, but plenty of these wood bead wreaths don’t use bows, especially if the flowers are placed at the bottom of the wreath, instead of the side.

Step 5: Add a Bow

The final step to this DIY wood bead wreath is to add a bow!

The final step to this DIY wood bead wreath is to add a bow. I am definitely not the best bow maker and always use a YouTube video to make any bows that I need.

I used the black and white striped ribbon leftover from my peony wreath, but you can use any color or pattern you want. Just make sure it’s wired ribbon, so that it will hold it’s shape.

And you’re done! Hang your DIY wood bead wreath on your front door and enjoy!

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