10 Star Wars Valentine Box Ideas

Princess Leia Valentine Box

Every year, around Valentine’s Day, my kids come home with an assignment to make a creative box to collect their class Valentine’s cards. I have 2 girls, so we have made unicorns, uni-kitties, and anything else we could cover with pink hearts and glitter.

I LOVE the girly stuff. Pink is my favorite and glitter is my jam. My husband, however, is hoping we can talk them into something a little less frilly this year.

He’s hoping that Star Wars will be a good compromise. Even my girly girls appreciate this adventure into outer space.

Star Wars TIE Fighter

This Star Wars TIE Fighter is made out of cardboard, duct tape, and a Styrofoam ball. I couldn’t find step-by-step instructions, but more than 14 people have ‘tried’ the pin on Pinterest with great results!

Yoda Valentine Box

Yoda Valentine Box for your little Star Wars fan!

Yoda is a Star Wars fan favorite, especially among kids! So, this Yoda Valentine box is sure to be a big hit in your kid’s classroom.

Darth Vader Valentine’s Box

Darth Vader Valentine Box

This Darth Vader Valentine’s box is easily recognizable even for people who have never seen one minute of Star Wars. It is sure to be a favorite among your child’s classmates!

R2D2 Valentine Box

R2D2 Star Wars Valentine Box

This R2D2 Valentine Box is an adorable way to collect all of those sweet cards this year. Plus, it’s as easy as buying a new trash can and adding simple shapes!

Ewok Valentine Box

Girly Ewok Valentine Box

Oh my goodness! How cute is this Ewok Valentine Box?!? Seriously, this box is cutesy, but not too girly (i.e. no glitter involved). It looks like the perfect compromise for me and my husband!

Princess Leia Valentine Box

Princess Leia Valentine Box

Star Wars just wouldn’t be the same without it’s princess. Check out this Princess Leia Valentine Box!

Death Star Valentine Box

Death Star Valentine Box

This Death Star Valentine Box is sure to please even the youngest Star Wars fans. Plus, you get another use out of that cheap Halloween pumpkin bucket!


Chewbacca Valentine Box

He has always been my favorite Star Wars character, so this Chewbacca Valentine Box is right up my alley. I mean just look at his fuzzy little face!

BB-8 Valentine Box

Star Wars Valentine Box: BB-8

This BB-8 Valentine Box will make your kid the coolest Star Wars fan in class!

Star Wars Valentine Box

Star Wars Valentine Box

How can a kid pick just one character? This Star Wars Valentine Box has several of the best ones!

I know that some people find class projects aggravating, but I kinda love them! I’m that mom that tends to go a little overboard. And despite what my husband might say, he gets into them too!

I can’t wait to show this list to my girls and see if they can pick out something a little less frilly…..for their daddy’s sake! I hope your favorite Star Wars fan finds something for their Valentine card collection too!

May the force be with you, friends!

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10 Star Wars Valentine Box Ideas
10 Star Wars Valentine Box Ideas

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