Valentine Care Package

Valentine's Day care package for kids

If you’ve been around this blog for long, then you know that I look for any excuse to send a care package. Even though my husband was home this Valentine’s Day, I still found a reason to get a package in the mail.

I sent a Valentine Care Package to my niece and nephew!

We have an 11-year-old niece and a 2-year-old nephew that live in Florida. Being a 12-hour drive away, we don’t get to see them nearly as often as we want. So, we try to send them care packages throughout the year to let them know that we are thinking about them. (You can see their birthday care packages here.)

valentine package

What’s In It?

Making care packages to kids is much easier than making them for adults. Kids are so easy to buy for! Plus, they LOVE getting things in the mail.

This Valentine Care Package contained:

  • a stuffed animal for each of them ($10)
  • 2 heart-shaped boxes of chocolate ($2)
  • 2 boxes of sidewalk chalk ($2)
  • a Mickey Mouse board book ($5)
  • a glow-in-the-dark ball ($1)
  • fancy new make-up brushes ($9)
  • liquid eye-liner ($6)

(My niece is really into YouTube videos about make-up application. I’m hoping she can pass her auntie some tips soon!)

To decorate the box, I used plain pink paper that I already had on hand (here’s a tutorial on wrapping the inside of a box). The letters for the saying “We love you BERRY much!” were cut out with my Cricut using paper that I already had. My husband drew the strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries on the package for me using markers (thanks babe!). 

What Was the Cost?

This Valentine Care Package cost me $35 for it’s contents, plus the USPS $19 shipping charge for large flat-rate boxes. Bringing the total cost to $54. 

It’s definitely not the cheapest package I’ve ever sent, but those babies are worth it! Trying to maintain long-distance relationships, even with family and kids, takes time, money, and effort. I want them to always know that I love and care about them, even when I’m far away. Sending care packages is one way of showing that. 

I hope they love their Valentine Care Package! And that they know that we miss and love them both, so much! 

How to make a Valentine Care Package

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