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5 Easy Open When Letter Ideas

“Open when letters are so cute! I’m going to send some to my soldier.”

*Gets on Pinterest, scrolls till fingers fall off.*

*Buys envelopes. Stares at them for days.*

*Gives up.*

While they are cute, fun, and creative, open when letters can be difficult to make. It’s hard to write all of these letters, to know what little extras to include in them, and how to decorate them.

I made 11 Open When Letters for my husband while he was gone on a hardship tour. I had fun writing the letters, shopping for them, and putting them together, but I’d be lying if I said that it was a quick and easy process.

It took me daysss to decide which topics I wanted to do and what little extras I wanted to put in the envelopes. Then it took me more than a week just to write all the letters and cards.

Some of the letters were easy to make. I was able to put them together effortlessly, while other letters took much longer. I made a list of the 5 open when letters that were easy to write and put together.

Open When You’re Sick

This open when letter is easy peasy. There are several small items that fit in the envelope to go along with this theme. This letter could include:

  • a ‘Get Well Soon’ card
  • cough drops
  • tissues
  • travel size Tylenol/Motrin packets
  • funny memes
  • Bible verse
  • band aids
  • green tea packets

open when letter: open when you are sick

This is the Open When You’re Sick Letter I sent my husband during his hardship tour.


This Open When You’re Sick Letter is super cute with it’s pink labels! 

Open When You’re Stressed

This open when letter was an easy one for me! When I put this letter together for my own husband, I tried to think of things that I would appreciate when I’m stressed out. This letter could include:

  • ‘treat yourself’ card with a little bit of cash
  • funny memes or jokes
  • an encouraging scripture
  • a sweet card/letter
  • pictures of loved ones
  • a piece of bubble wrap for stress relief
  • some of their favorite candy
  • green tea packets
  • stress relief aromatherapy samples
  • an ‘I Owe You’ coupon for a massage or foot rub

open when letters: open when you are stressed

This is the Open When You’re Stressed Letter I sent my own husband!


I love this Open When You’re Stressed Letter I found on Pinterest! 

Open When You Are Bored

The Open When You Are Bored letter is an easy one because it’s something everyone can relate to! This letter can be highly individualized to it’s recipient depending on what they are interested in. Some ideas for this letter include:

  • an e-reader/bookstore gift card
  • bookmark
  • a list of shows to watch on Netflix
  • a relationship questionnaire
  • crossword or Sudoku puzzles
  • coloring pages and crayons
  • word searches
  • mazes or other puzzles

open when letters: open when you are really bored

This is the Open When You Are Really Bored Letter than I sent my husband – not pictured are the bookmark, word search, and gift card I sent.


This Open When You’re Bored Letter is perfect for a puzzle lover!

Open When You Miss Me

The Open When You Miss Me Letter is another easy one. Simply think about what would cheer you up when you are missing your loved one. This letter could include:

  • pictures of you or pictures of you two together
  • a card/letter reminding your loved one that you miss them too
  • sweet quotes
  • kisses (paper cut-outs of your lip prints)
  • a hug (your traced handprints cut out and attached to yarn)
  • reminders of inside jokes/good memories

open when letters: open when you miss me

The Open When You Miss Me letter that I sent my husband during his hardship tour. 

miss me

This Open When You Miss Me letter from Pinterest is great example!

Open When You Want to Watch Our Show Without Me

Every couple has a show (or shows) that they watch together. For one person to watch ahead in the series without the other is a true betrayal! So, this open when letter is a no-brainer. The only thing needed for this letter is a note telling your loved one that if they watch the show without you… they will regret it!


Pardon the French, but this Open When Letter from Twitter says it all!


Or if you want to be nice about it, you could go this route! 

These open when letters are sure to make your long-distance loved one feel missed, appreciated, and loved. And the best part is….they’re easy to make!

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