47 of the Best Turkey Disguises on the Internet

47 of the Most Clever Turkey Disguises on the Internet

My first grader brought home a school project this week. The instructions were to come up with a turkey disguise to keep her turkey from becoming the Thanksgiving meal. She had a ton of ideas on how to disguise her feathered friend and was a little bummed when I told her that she had to pick just one.

Eventually, she decided to disguise her turkey as Elsa from the movie Frozen. She glued blue glitter paper and fake snowflakes all over that bird and was quite pleased with how it turned out! But, just in case your little one has trouble coming up with ideas, I’ve put together a list of 55 turkey disguises that would fool any Thanksgiving chef!

55 Clever Turkey Disguises

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Turkey Disguises: Popcorn

Who would ever think that a turkey is hiding in their popcorn?


Turkey Disguises: Flamingo

Turn one bird into another when you disguise your turkey as a flamingo!

Add a Mustache & Sombrero Turkey Disguises: Mustache & Sombrero

Turn those tail feathers into a giant sombrero and add a mustache for this ingenious turkey disguise.


Turkey Disguise: Elsa

Because everyone knows that you can’t cook a Frozen turkey!


Turkey Disguise: Minion

Some overalls, yellow paint, and glasses is all this turkey needs to evade the oven!

Christmas Tree

Turkey Disguise: Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree turkey disguise is genius! You can’t even tell he’s under there!


Turkey Disguise: Cow

This turkey disguised as a cow is trying to convince us to eat more chicken!


Turkey Disguise: Ninja

Nothing could be more stealthy than a ninja turkey!


Turkey Disguise: Peacock

Don’t worry about hiding the tail on this turkey, just change the colors and make it a peacock!


Turkey Disguise: Cupcake

This turkey will never be found disguised as a delicious cupcake!


Turkey Disguise: Penguin

This turkey disguised as a penguin is as cute as it is convincing!

Sonic the Hedgehog

Turkey Disguise: Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is a great disguise for this turkey!


Turkey Disguise: Snowman

This turkey is coolly disguised as a snowman!

Snow Globe

Turkey Disguise: Snowman in a Snow Globe

No one would ever think to look for the Thanksgiving turkey in a snow globe!


Turn your turkey into a cowboy for the perfect disguise!

Angry Bird

Turkey Disguise: Angry Bird

This Angry Bird’s fluff of red feathers is the perfect way to keep your turkey out of the oven!

Disco Diva

Turkey Disguise: Disco Diva

All the glitter and glam of a disco diva make disguising a turkey easy!


Turkey Disguise: Soldier

Camouflage is always a good disguise!


Turkey Disguise: Scarecrow

This turkey disguised as a scarecrow could fool anyone!


Turkey Disguise: Princess

Your little princess will be more than happy with this pretty and pink turkey disguise!

The Little Mermaid

Turkey Disguise: The Little Mermaid

No one will look for a turkey under the sea!

Darth Vader

Turkey Diguise: Darth Vader

Who’s gonna question one of the most famous villains of all time? This turkey disguise is safe!

Gum Ball Machine

Turkey Disguise: Gum Ball Machine

This gum ball machine is a one of a kind disguise for your turkey!

Santa Clause

Turkey Disguise: Santa Clause

Turn those turkey tail feathers into a big bag of toys when you disguise your turkey as Santa!

Donald Trump

Turkey Disguise: Donald Trump

No one will suspect there’s a turkey in the White House!

Football Player

Turkey Disguise: Football Player

Deck your turkey out in your team colors when you disguise it as a football player.


Turkey Disguise: Owl

It’s only a matter of trading out feathers when you turn your turkey into a wise old owl!

Pizza Delivery

Turkey Disguise: Pizza Delivery

No turkey here,  only yummy pizza!

Garbage Can

Turkey Disguise: Garbage Can

Oscar the Grouch has nothing on this turkey disguise!

Mr. Peanut

Turkey Disguise: Mr. Peanut

You would never guess that Mr. Peanut is actually a turkey in disguise.


Turkey Disguise: Elvis

The King’s flashy suit makes a great disguise for your feathered friend!

Harry Potter

Turkey Disguise: Harry Potter

As one of the world’s most famous wizards is a clever way to disguise your turkey!

Mickey Mouse

Turkey Disguise: Mickey Mouse

No turkey here – just a famous mouse!


Turkey Disguise: Chewbaca

No one will suspect Chewbaca of being a turkey!

Tooth Fairy

Turkey Disguise: The Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy makes an excellent turkey disguise!


Turkey Disguise: Cheerleader

This peppy cheerleader couldn’t possibly be a turkey!

Police Officer

Turkey Disguise: Police Officer

Disguising your turkey as an officer of the law is a terrific way for him to avoid the oven!


Turkey Disguise: Hippie

Disguising your turkey as a peace-loving, tie-dye wearing hippie is sure to keep him safe!


Turkey Disguise: Astronaut

This turkey isn’t heading for any table….he’s ready for blast off!


Turkey Disguise: Pikachu

Who would think that cute little Pikachu could really be a turkey in disguise?

Jail Bird

Turkey Disguise: Jailbird

No one will suspect this jailbird of being Thanksgiving dinner!


Turkey Disguise: Box of Crayons

No one will think to look for the Thanksgiving turkey in a box of crayons!

Easter Bunny

Turkey Disguise: Easter Bunny

No one will ever suspect the Easter Bunny of being the holiday turkey!

Starbucks Coffee

Turkey Disguise: Starbucks Coffee

A Starbucks coffee cup is the perfect turkey disguise!

American Eagle

Turkey Disguise: American Eagle

This American Eagle disguise is sure to fool the chef on Thanksgiving Day!


Turkey Disguise: Fisherman

No one will suspect this innocent fisherman of being a gobbling turkey!


Turkey Disguise: Princess Poppy

Princess Poppy’s poofy pink hair makes for the perfect turkey disguise!

Hopefully, your little one can pick one of these clever turkey disguises for their feathered friend!

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