15 Super Hero Turkey Disguises

Top 15 Super Hero Turkey Disguises for Kids

It’s that time of year when elementary kids are bringing home Thanksgiving school projects. My first grader recently brought home a turkey that needed a disguise to evade the oven. Which prompted me to put together this post of 47 of the Best Turkey Disguises on the Internet.

In case your child wants to turn their turkey into their favorite super hero, I’ve put together this list of superhero turkey disguises that would fool even the smartest Thanksgiving chef!

Super Hero Turkey Disguises


Turkey Disguises: Batman

No one would ever guess that Batman is really a turkey in disguise!


Turkey Disguise: Spiderman

Who would ever think that Spider-Man was really a turkey underneath his suit?

Ninja Turtle

Turkey Disguise: Ninja Turtle

Turn those tail feathers into a giant pizza with this Ninja Turtle turkey!

Wonder Woman

Turkey Disguise: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman’s cape and dress is the perfect way to hide your feathered friend!

Captain America

Turkey Disguise: Captain America

Captain America’s big muscles are the perfect disguise for this turkey!


Turkey Disguise: Groot

No one would ever think that a turkey is hiding beneath Groot’s bark!


Turkey Disguise: SuperMan

Clark Kent? Thanksgiving Bird? Who knows?

Iron Man

Turkey Disguise: Iron Man

Disguise your turkey as Iron Man to keep him safe from Thanksgiving dinner!


Turkey Diguise: Ninjago

Stuff your turkey’s tail feather full of Legos for this Ninjago super hero disguise!


Turkey Disguise: Flash

Faster than a flash of light, this turkey will Flash right by the chef to escape the oven!

 The Incredibles

Turkey Disguise: The Incredibles

No one will ever know that there is a turkey hiding under this Incredibles costume!


Turkey Disguise: The Hulk

No turkey here – just the Incredible Hulk!


Turkey Disguise: Thor

The hammer won’t fall on this turkey on Thanksgiving Day because he got away dressed as Thor!

Big Hero 6

Turkey Disguise: Big Hero 6

The Big Hero 6 turkey disguise could conceal even the biggest bird!

Optimus Prime

Turkey Disguise: Optimus Prime

A semi-truck? A giant robot? A thanksgiving turkey? Who knows what this thing is….but no one will be sticking it in the oven this holiday season!

Hopefully, this list helped your little super hero choose how they want to disguise their turkey! Good luck!

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