The Ultimate Deployment Bucket List: Round 2

Deployment Bucket List: Round 2

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Our soldier is headed off on a “European Rotation” for 9 months. So, I decided to make another Deployment Bucket List to help the girls and I stay busy while he’s gone.

**Note: I’m fully aware that a Europe rotation is not technically a deployment, but the ‘European Rotation Bucket List’ is confusing because it sounds like we’re making a list of things to do in Europe. We’ll just use the term ‘deployment’ instead.**

World's largest fire hydrant in Beaumont, TX.
(#68: See the World’s Largest Working Fire Hydrant!)
(#51: Take bluebonnet pictures.)

The last time my husband left for a long stretch was in 2016. He was on a hardship tour in Central America for 15 long months.

Our first deployment bucket list gave us lots of things to look forward to and helped us to stay positive. I’m hoping that Round 2 will be just as helpful and fun.

We’ll only have 9 months to complete this one, so I’m only adding 75 items to this list instead of 100.

Also, many of the list items will be repeats from last time, but that just means they’re worth doing again!

The lower falls at McKinney Falls State Park in Texas.
(#6: Spend the day in Austin – McKinney Falls State Park is absolutely beautiful!)
Embroidered states for military families: Washington - Joint Base Lewis McChord
(#63: Finish a project – one of my favorites!)
things to do in Springfield, MO: ride through Fantastic Caverns
(#52: Visit a cave – we rode through the magnificent Fantastic Caverns!)

Deployment Bucket List: Round 2

  1. make a deployment emergency kit
  2. see some Christmas lights
  3. send Heff care packages
  4. celebrate New Year’s Eve
  5. plant some flowers
  6. spend the day in Austin
  7. celebrate Lainey’s 11th birthday
  8. make a deployment wall
  9. celebrate Valentine’s Day
  10. finally finish the DuoLingo Spanish lesson
  11. go to the beach
  12. save money for a vacation fund
  13. hike the Dana Peak Park trail
  14. get involved at church
  15. read 1 classic piece of literature
  16. visit a state park that we’ve never been to
  17. walk 250 miles
  18. make a deployment countdown
  19. watch some fireworks on the 4th of July
  20. find a show to binge-watch
  21. watch Lainey’s dance recital
  22. find a new swimming hole
  23. go geocaching
  24. do a Bible study
  25. have a ‘spa night’ at home
  26. lose 50 pounds
  27. go to the movies
  28. make open-when letters for Heff
  29. visit a town we’ve never been to before
  30. plan a vacation for when Heff comes home
  31. adopt a ‘Christmas angel’
  32. make a welcome home sign
  33. celebrate my 33rd birthday
  34. visit a museum
  35. get a tan
  36. take a road trip (to somewhere other than Florida)
  37. spend time with Nana
  38. color Easter eggs
  39. do 9 random acts of kindness
  40. find a mural to take a picture with
  41. learn 3 new songs on the piano
  42. take a trip to see Angel
  43. celebrate Lyvi’s 10th birthday
  44. make a gingerbread house
  45. try 9 new recipes
  46. drop Lainey off at her first day of middle school
  47. grow blog page views by 20%
  48. do a craft at the Apache arts center
  49. let the girls have a sleepover
  50. spend the day in Waco
  51. take bluebonnet pictures
  52. visit a cave
  53. do some spring cleaning
  54. organize the kitchen
  55. take girls to get their nails done
  56. have a themed movie night
  57. successfully operate the weed-eater
  58. go swimming at the springs
  59. get my Florida real-estate license
  60. refurbish mom’s buffet
  61. watch Lainey play softball
  62. send a hand-written letter to Heff
  63. finish a project
  64. make a new wreath
  65. spend time with Granny
  66. go on 9 hikes
  67. cultivate 3 new habits
  68. take a picture of the world’s largest fire hydrant
  69. edit & update old blog posts
  70. organize the hall closets
  71. plan a welcome home dinner for Heff
  72. see a movie at the Cove Theater
  73. do a puzzle
  74. do an escape room
  75. see a new waterfall
girls posing with Rosie the Riveter mural in Springfield, Missouri
(#40: Take a picture with a mural. We spent our Spring Break in Springfield with sweet friends!)
(#16: Visit a state park we haven’t been to before Mother Neff State Park was a lot of fun!)

This is a pretty big list to take on in only 9 months, but I think we can do it!

And even if we don’t finish everything on the list, we’re going to have fun trying.

For me, the point of a deployment bucket list is not to finish it, but to have something to work towards and to find joy in ordinary things while he’s gone.

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