9 Deployment Care Packages: Themes and What to Put Inside

9 Deployment Care Packages: Themes and What to Put Inside

My husband is gone again.

This time, he’s on a 9-month European Rotation for Operation Atlantic Resolve. And while this isn’t technically a combat deployment, he’s still gone for 9 months.

We made yet another deployment wall and another deployment bucket list. And one of the items on our bucket list is to send him 9 deployment care packages – one for each month he is gone.

So here are our unique care package ideas!

I’ll update as I get each box in the mail!

Deployment Care Packages

Box #1: Christmas

Christmas deployment care packages: Wish you were gnome for the holidays!

“Wish you were gnome for the holidays!”

Unfortunately, my husband left right before the holidays, so this was the first box that we sent. The girls picked out the gnome wrapping paper and I found a saying to go with it.

In this care package, we put:

  • 2 video games (he took a Nintendo Switch with him)
  • a box of pecan spins
  • a box of blueberry doughnuts
  • pictures
  • drawings from the kids
  • command hooks
  • lotion for his hands (the manly kind)
  • cough drops
  • candy

Some of the things he specifically asked for, like the Command hooks and cough drops, the other things, we picked out for him. He is sharing a room with 3 other guys, so we can’t send anything that is going to take up too much room.

Box #2: Valentine’s Day

Deployment Care Package: Valentine's Day: Just some cupcakes waiting for our stud muffin.

“Just some cupcakes waiting for our stud muffin!”

It took almost an entire month for his Christmas care package to arrive! I’m hoping it was because of the holidays and that they won’t all take that long.

But just in case, we put our Valentine’s care package in the mail around mid-January so that it will hopefully make it there in time!

The girls loved getting to make ‘their cupcake’ and they picked out the bright pink paper!

In this box was:

  • a new sweatshirt
  • warm socks
  • several kinds Valentine’s Day candy
  • beef jerky
  • a candle

Box #3: We Miss You Deerly

We miss you deerly care package.

“We miss you deerly!”

My husband loves deer hunting, so we couldn’t resist a hunting-themed care package while he’s deployed, especially after we found camo wrapping paper!

This care package included:

  • 3 bags of beef jerky
  • cookies
  • a late Christmas gift from my parents
  • thermal shirt
  • nerf football
  • hand warmers
  • body wash
  • dried fruit
  • notes from the kids

Box #4: Irish You Were Here

Care package idea: Irish you were home!

“Irish you were here!”

This box got to him just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! We don’t really celebrate the holiday, but it was still fun to decorate with the green gingham wrapping paper and a lucky 4-leaf clover! And he always likes it when I add pictures!

In this box, we put:

  • individual cereal boxes
  • nutty buddies (by request)
  • shampoo
  • boiled peanuts
  • dried fruit
  • deer jerky
  • candy
  • pictures

Sending deployment care packages is fun for us! We enjoy the creativity and my husband seems to enjoy them too.

You can follow along our deployment journey on Instagram!

We’re only little over a month in to this deployment, but I’ll update this list as a we get closer and closer to him being home again!

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