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How To Make a Deployment Wall: Round 2

How to Make a Deployment Wall | Finding Mandee

We checked #8 off our Deployment Bucket List when we made our second deployment wall!

The first time we had a deployment wall was back in 2017 when my husband was on a hardship tour in Central America. And we’ve been REALLY lucky because other than some trainings and a few short TDYs, our soldier hasn’t had to be away from us much since then!

However, he recently left for a European Rotation, and will be gone for the next 9 months, so we decided it was time to make another deployment wall to help us count down the days until he’s home again.

Here’s how we did it!

(And yes, I’m very much aware that a rotation in Europe isn’t a combat deployment, but “European Rotation Wall” sounds really weird and would make a terrible hashtag.)


I’ve included the Amazon links here, but you can also get all of this from Walmart or you may already have it laying around the house.

We used:

Large Map Of The World – Silk Art Print World Map – Neutral Tones – 23 x 33Hippih Black Wall Clock Silent Non Ticking Quality Quartz, 10 Inch Round Easy to Read for Home Office School Clock 2 PackMalden International Designs Black 8 Opening 4×6 Collage Photo Frame


World Map

One of the first things we knew that we wanted to put up on the deployment wall was a world map.

The girls love looking at the map and being able to see where Daddy is. And it helps them visualize how far away he is and why he can’t just ‘come home’ when they want him to.

There were several types of maps available, but I chose one with neutral tones so that our dining area didn’t look too much like a classroom. Before he left, my husband built a frame for it, to help it blend in more with our decor.

After hanging it on the wall, we added red push pins to Texas and Romania and tied some red embroidery thread between them.

(Unfortunately, there are too many miles between Texas and Romania!)

Two Clocks

One thing we did differently on this deployment wall, versus the first one that we did, was to include 2 wall clocks.

When my husband was in Honduras and we lived in Florida, there wasn’t a significant time difference (I think it was 1 hour). But now that he’s in Romania, he’s 8 hours ahead of us. So, we hung 1 clock with our local time and 1 clock with his local time.

Not only is it useful, but it’s also helping the girls learn to tell time better on a ‘real clock’ and not just rely on digital ones.

I printed out some labels for the clocks and hung them underneath. So, hopefully, guests won’t think we’re entirely crazy.

(This helps us keep up with the 8-hour time difference.)


One of the best things on our deployment wall is our photo collage.

I just bought a cheap collage frame and the girls helped me pick out the pictures to go in it. And of course, all of the pictures have Daddy in them!

We hardly ever print pictures anymore, but it was super easy to do and we love having those pictures to look at every day.

(Gotta have some pictures of your favorite soldier!)

Deployment Bucket List

Also, up on the deployment wall is a printed version of our deployment bucket list.

(If you need help making a deployment bucket list, check out this post.)

We did one of these last time our soldier was gone and we loved it. So, we decided to try it again this time. This bucket list has 75 things to do while Heff is gone and we’re going to try to do it all!

The girls are so ready to start marking things off! You can track our progress over on Instagram!

(We are so excited to get started on this bucket list!)

The Countdown

And finally, a deployment wall wouldn’t be complete without a countdown!

This time, instead of a traditional paperchain countdown, we’re doing a ‘count up’!

Each link of the chain is 1 day that he is gone, but instead of making a long chain and tearing one link off every day, we’re adding a link each day.

Before we staple the link together, we write a note on the back of the paper so he can read them all when he gets home!

(The girls are liking the idea of doing a count up.)

Since he only left 2 weeks ago, the chain is still pretty short, but it won’t be long until it reaches the floor and we have to start curving it around the clocks!

There are so many different ways you can put together a deployment wall. And an infinite number of things that you can include on it! I hope this inspires you to make one of your own the next time your family is facing a deployment.

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