Deployment Update: 6 Months Down

girls posing with Rosie the Riveter mural in Springfield, Missouri

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Another quarter of the year has passed since my husband left on deployment.

And thankfully, these 3 months were much easier on us than the first 3 months. That’s not to say that they were easy. They just weren’t the total shit-shows that December, January, and February were.

We’ve managed to mark some more things off of our Deployment Bucket List and had some fun! Here’s another deployment update!

Month 4: March

March was the busiest month for us so far!

We marked off more deployment bucket list items during the week of Spring Break than we did in the past 2 months!

We visited our friends in Missouri and the week after that, my parents and niece came to Texas to visit us. And while they were here, we went to the flea market in Round Top!

We also finished up Lainey’s soccer season, while she continued dance and P.T. and Lyvi continued gymnastics. So, our afternoons were FULL!

It was a super busy month, but honestly, it was the best month we’ve had since Heff left. I’m so grateful for our family and friends who are helping us get through this deployment.

This is what we marked off of the Deployment Bucket List:

Month 5: April

April was another busy month!

It’s also my favorite month. And not just because it’s my birthday month, but because spring is my favorite season. April is especially beautiful here in Texas when the wildflowers bloom!

We didn’t go on any trips this month, but we did start Lainey’s softball season, plus all the other activities the kids are in. And we also spent a fun day in Waco!

It was a good month and went by pretty fast, so we can’t complain. Here’s what we marked off of the bucket list:

Month 6: May

May was also a busy month, but honestly not in the best way. It was overwhelmingly busy.

There were so many softball games and practices. That in conjunction with the kids’ other activities, after the past months of soccer season. We are all burnt out on activities and it was tough to make it through the whole month.

We did some fun things this month, like spending the day in Austin, and swimming at McKinney Falls State Park! And we watched the lunar eclipse through Lainey’s telescope!

We’re all glad that May is over! It was a long and drawn-out month and we’re not sad to see it go. Here’s what we marked off of the bucket list:

This deployment update is certainly better than the last one!

Not only did we mark more things off of our deployment bucket list, but we all felt better! After months of being sick, it felt good just to feel good again!

The kids are finally out of school and we have a lot of plans for the summer. I’m hoping that the last 3 months of this deployment fly by!

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