How to Make a Kids Birthday Care Package

kids birthday care package with balloons filled with money and toys that say 'Pop Us'

No doubt about it, military life is hard, even as a spouse. And one of the worst parts is living far away from family, especially the little ones 

I swear my niece and nephew have grown a foot each time we go home. I hate missing out on their childhoods. However, I try to stay an active part of their lives, even from miles away, by FaceTime-ing them regularly and sending them things in the mail.

Care packages aren’t just for deployed soldiers and college students – kids love them too! I love making care packages for my niece and nephew! I look for any reason to send them one, but they can always expect a special one each year on their birthdays.

Here is how I make an awesome kids birthday care package for my sweet niece and nephew!

How to Make a Kids Birthday Care Package

kids birthday care package with balloons filled with money and toys that say 'Pop Us'

(This was actually my husband’s birthday care package, but he’s a kid at heart!)

Step One: Gather Your Supplies

  • any birthday gifts you bought
  • birthday card
  • balloons
  • small trinkets to fit inside balloons
  • money
  • safety pin
  • tag or index card
  • marker

Step Two: Wrap!

First, wrap up the gifts that you bought.

You don’t necessarily need gifts for this care package, you could always make enough balloons to fill the whole box. But I usually buy one or two gifts to send, in addition to the goodies that I put inside the balloons.

Next, wrap the inside of the box that you are shipping. Check out this tutorial, on how to wrap the inside of a box.

Step Three: Fill the Balloons

The balloons are what makes this package special! My niece loves popping each balloon and pulling out the treat inside. What you put inside the balloons depends on how old the recipient is. Some ideas are:

  • money
  • candy
  • jewelry
  • little dinosaurs
  • key chains
  • matchbox cars
  • bouncy ball
  • little ‘squishies’ (if you have kids, you know )
  • shopkins
  • chapstick/lipstick
  • small eyeshadows

birthday care package ideas

Step Four: Blow Up & Tie Balloons

After you have filled the balloons, partially blow them up and tie them. Make sure you don’t blow them up too big or they won’t all fit in the box. But, you also want to make sure there is enough air in them that they don’t go flat during their trip through the mail. (It sounds complicated, but don’t overthink it.)

Step Five: Make ‘Pop Us’ Card

Using an index card or a blank gift tag make an instruction card, by writing ‘Pop Us!’ on it with a marker. You can also dress up the card with a ribbon and stickers if you choose. Then tape a safety pin to the card.

Step Six: Fill the Box

After you have everything ready, put it in the box. I put the gifts that I had wrapped on the bottom, followed by the birthday card. Then I arranged the balloons over the gifts. The final touch is the ‘Pop Us!’ instruction card on top!

Step Seven: Mail It!

Seal your package and put it in the mail! Then wait for the excited FaceTime call full of happy smiles once your favorite little ones get their awesome kids birthday care package!

You definitely scored cool aunt/uncle points for sending this package 

Birthday care package for a 2-year-old.

“You’re turtley 2….shellebrate!”

How to make an awesome birthday care package for a kid!