A Peek Inside My Art Journaling Bible

One of my favorite drawings in my art journaling Bible.

A couple of years ago, I came across this trendy art happening on Instagram. People were creating gorgeous art IN their Bibles.

More than just notes and doodles, these images sometimes covered the entire page. They used watercolor paints, markers, pens, stamps, all kinds of mediums.

Every image they created corresponded with a specific verse on that page of their Bible.

One of my favorite drawings in my art journaling Bible.

You could tell that a lot of thought, time, and love went into each piece. This trend was called Bible art journaling and I could not wait to get started.

I immediately ordered a journaling Bible from Amazon and began filling it with colorful pictures of inspiring verses.

I use the ESV Single Column Journaling Bible. It costs around $30 and has worked perfect for me so far.

While I adore crafting, I don’t consider myself artistic. I have VERY limited drawing skills and even less calligraphy/lettering skills. However, I do love God and reading His Word and that’s really the only thing that matters in Bible art journaling.

Many people that I’ve talked to about this hobby say that it’s not for them because they’re ‘not good’ at drawing. So, I have decided to give my readers a peek inside my Bible as proof that you don’t have to be an artist to enjoy Bible art journaling.

Peek Into My Journaling Bible

The only tools I use in my journaling Bible are colored pencils and a black pen. Many of the drawings are my renditions of images I found on Instagram and Pinterest.

When my art journaling Bible first came in, I set to work on the creation story in Genesis. It seemed like a good place to start and pretty soon I was carried away.

I didn’t do the rest of the drawings in any particular order. I drew them when I was feeling inspired by a particular verse or image online.

As you can tell, I’m no Picasso, but over time, I could see a definite improvement in my creations. Even with it’s flaws, mistakes, and imperfections, I still love my art journaling Bible.

Illustrating my faith has turned into one of my favorite things. I even included it on my Deployment Bucket List! It’s so calming and really gives me the chance to reflect on the verse that I’m working on.

If you haven’t started Bible journaling because you think that you can’t draw good enough or you don’t like your handwriting then you are REALLY missing out.

I used those same excuses for far too long. I’m so glad that I finally started this Bible journaling experience.

So, get a blank new Bible and some colored pencils and get to work. If I can do it, I promise that anyone can!

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