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How to Wrap the Inside of a Box to Make the Coolest Care Package Ever!

For years I looked at all of these cute, Pinterest-y care package images in my Insta feed and was so jealous of how awesome they looked. They were themed, decorated, and all-around awesome. But HOW?

How did someone (A) have enough time to put these beauties together and (B) how did they get paper on the inside of the box?

birthday care package with ballons, safety pin, and tag that says Pop Us!

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I was determined to make one myself. (According to my deployment bucket list, I needed to make a year’s worth of awesome care packages!) I tried cutting scrapbook paper to glue to the inside of the box. It worked really well for the flaps and it even worked pretty well for the bottom of the box if I cut it JUST right. The sides of the box were trickier though. I could cut the paper the correct size, but anytime I slid something into the box and it touched the top of the paper, it would fold back and wrinkle up. So, soo, soooo frustrating for someone who just spent 30 minutes cutting paper to fit in a dang box.

Then enter my dad.

My dad who has a very no-nonsense way of looking at things.

My dad who has no ‘extra’ at ALL, any of the time. (Me? I’m soooo extra….as you’ve probably gathered.)

He didn’t understand why I wanted to decorate a box ‘for a grown man’ that was just going to ‘get thrown away anyway.’ But before rolling his eyes and walking away, he left me with one piece of genius advice. “Why don’t you just cut the box and lay it out flat?”

**Blank stare**

“Umm, yeah, why don’t I do that?”

**Picks up scissors**

Seriously, this one little thing made the whole process sooooo stinkin’ easy! Why couldn’t he have told me this BEFORE I gave myself carpal tunnel cutting individual pieces of paper for each flap and side of the box.

Save yourself the hand cramps and just do it this way!

How to Wrap the Inside of a Box

  1. While the box is laid flat (how you pick it up from the post office), cut what will be one of the corners of the box. I usually cut the corner that has a ‘seam’, but any of them will work.

How to wrap inside of box for care package.

2. Open the box up to lay entirely flat. It will look like this:

How to make a care package

3. Cover the box with wrapping paper and cut it to size.

How to decorate inside of box for care package.

4. Fold over one half of the wrapping paper and apply glue. (I use regular old Elmer’s glue or a glue stick.) Lay the paper over the glue and smooth it flat. Repeat on the other side of the box.

How to decorate a care package.

5. Cut slits between the flaps of the box.

How to decorate care packages

6. Fold the box and tape it back together. First, you have to tape the corner that you cut. Then you can fold it and tape the bottom just like you normally do.

How to wrap the inside of a box

7. Ta-Daaa!!! The inside of the your box is completely wrapped! Just add your contents and any flap decorations and your care package is ready to go!

How to decorate the inside of care packages

How easy is that? Now you can make all of those cutesy, themed care packages that you’ve seen on Pinterest!

care package

Drop me some pictures in the comments and let me see what awesome care package you have made!

how to wrap the inside of the box to make the best care packages

how to wrap inside a box for care packages