3 Reasons You Should Shop the Fields in Warrenton During the Round Top Antique Show

Man carrying his purchases to the parking lot after shopping at Round Top Antique Show in Texas.

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Twice a year the tiny town of Round Top explodes with shoppers. But not all of them venture out to the fields of Warrenton, Texas for some of the best vintage shopping you’ll ever find!

We’ve been to the antique show in Round Top at least once every year since we moved to Texas and we love shopping the fields of Warrenton more than anywhere else!

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Here are 3 reasons you should shop in Warrenton, Texas!

(At the October show!)

It’s Huge

There is so much to see when shopping ‘the fields’!

They call it the fields because that’s exactly what it is. For 2 weeks in the spring and summer, a stretch of cow pastures in Warrenton is covered in tents and makeshift parking areas to make a giant outdoor shopping venue.

Warrenton has 32 different show areas and 7 permanent food providers. Every time we’ve been to the Round Top Antique Show we stayed for a weekend and only covered a fraction of the vendors there. (You can find a list of all the different shows in the area here.)

In addition to the fields of tents, there are several permanent structures, stores, and huge metal buildings that resemble storage units that also have vendors set up inside.

Renting a golf cart makes it easier to cover more ground. Plus, it makes trips back to the truck a lot less strenuous. You can rent golf carts and mobility scooters from a tent behind The Gin in Warrenton.

Renting a golf cart makes shopping the fields in Warrenton much easier.
(We get golf carts when my parents go with us so that my dad’s knee won’t bother him too bad.)

Warrenton is Cheap

The main reason you can find us shopping the fields in Warrenton is because it’s cheap!

As a single-income military family, we are no strangers to budgeting. So, when we’re looking around the Round Top Antique Fair, the fields are our first stop.

Bar W Field in Warrenton has the motto ‘Shop where the dealers shop!’ And it’s not wrong. I wouldn’t be surprised if other Round Top dealers bought their goods at bargain prices in Warrenton and marked them up to put in their booths in town.

The prices in Warrenton’s fields can’t be beat! We come home with a literal truckload after every trip and have never spent more than $300-400 in a weekend.

Mannequin dressed up to look like Yellowstone character Rip at the fields in Warrenton, Texas during the Round Top Antique Show.
(This was supposed to be Rip from the TV show Yellowstone.)
Donald Trump holding a sign that says "Make Junk Great Again!" in Warrenton during the Round Top Antique Show.
(Warrenton – making junk great again!)
A Yeti using a phone booth at the flea market in Warrenton, Texas during the Round Top Antique Show.
(I love when the vendors get creative with their staging!)

You Can Find Anything!

I’m convinced that there is something for everyone in the fields of Warrenton, Texas!

Here are just some of the things we’ve seen for sale:

  • furniture (certified antiques, already refurbished, and busted project pieces)
  • toys (mostly vintage)
  • dishes/glassware
  • antlers & animals skulls
  • canoes & sailboats
  • vintage books & records
  • architectural salvage pieces (beams, mantels, fireplace surrounds, corbels, doors, windows, etc.)
  • creepy doll heads & mannequin pieces
  • hats, clothes, & jewelry (both new & vintage)
  • vintage linens
  • chandeliers
  • geodes, crystals, fossils, & petrified wood
  • knives, guns, & ammo
  • tools (both antique & modern)
  • art from local & regional artists
  • plants & vintage terracotta pots

All of that and MORE!

Seriously, I can’t explain all of the odd things we’ve seen when shopping the fields of Warrenton.

(In need of a giant helmet?)
Handmade chandeliers for sale at the flea market.
(The lady running this booth was an expert in chandeliers and even made some of these!)
Wooden cacti for sale at the fields in Warrenton, TX during the Round Top Antique Show.
(These wooden cacti were pretty!)
(Strange pottery collection.)

Some of my favorite things in my house have come from this flea market!

It’s where we bought the vintage motel chairs and metal bar cart that we refurbished for our porch. And where I bought the vintage books that I used to make paper roses and Christmas ornaments. I also found some of the things I included in our eclectic wall collage in our bedroom.

Warrenton’s fields are also where I bought some of my favorite home decor pieces on my bookshelves. It’s where we found a concrete bust, brass duck head and petrified wood bookends, a hand-carved wooden aviator, vintage prints in oval frames, a vintage globe, and so much more than I can list!

All of the goodies we brought home from shopping in the fields of Warrenton, Texas during the Round Top Antique Fair.
(These were all of the goodies that we brought home from our last trip to the fiends of Warrenton.)

If you ever get the opportunity to go to the Round Top Antique Show, DO NOT skip shopping in Warrenton!

It’s worth the drive every single time!

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