The Famous Round Top Antique Show: What I Wish I Knew Before My First Trip

Man carrying his purchases to the parking lot after shopping at Round Top Antique Show in Texas.

The Round Top Antique Show first landed on my radar when I watched an episode of Junk Gypsy featuring the vintage goods mecca. (Season 1 Episode 5…if you’re interested!)

I knew that if I was ever in Texas during one of the shows that I would HAVE to check it out!

We made our first trip to the Round Top Antique Week for the spring show and it did NOT disappoint! And while I would go back in a heartbeat, there are some things that I wish I had known before our first trip.

It’s HUGE!

What exactly is the Round Top Antique Show?

This is something that I thought I had figured out when I first decided that I wanted to go, but I was wrong….kind of….sort of. Let me explain.

I thought that the Round Top Antique Show was a giant flea market. I thought that we would go to the town of Round Top and find most of it transformed into a sea of tents full of antiques and vintage items. And I wasn’t completely wrong, but I also wasn’t right.

The Round Top Antique Show stretches for 20+ miles, from the community of Warrenton through the tiny town of Round Top, over to the towns of Carmine and Burton.

Not only are there vendors set up in tents along the roadside and in parking lots, but most of the towns’ businesses participate in Antique Week as well. There are even some businesses that are only open these weeks out of the year.

I was completely unprepared for just how BIG this event is!

We shopped for TWO DAYS and saw only a fraction of the fair. There were ladies at our hotel that had been there for a week and were still shopping and finding new vendors every day!

Round Top Antique Show is a huge and overwhelming event! We spent most of our time at Bar W Field in Warrenton – according to nearly everyone, it’s the cheapest area to shop in. You can find other areas and vendors online to narrow down something in particular that you may be shopping for.

Girl shopping at the flea market in Round Top, Texas.
(There is something for everyone at Antiques Week in Round Top.)

It’s Not Just Antiques

What Can I Buy at Round Top?

Anything! And everything!

Seriously, there was so much cool stuff. And it’s not just antiques.

I was afraid that we would show up to the Round Top Antique Show it would be full of nothing but true, certified antiques….the kind that we can’t afford. But it was so much more than that, especially Bar W Field in Warrenton.

**Note: there are different venues that cater to true antique dealers.**

We saw vendors with your typical flea market selection: used toys, clothes, furniture, shoes, dishes, home decor, jewelry, antiques, etc.

Antique week in Round Top, Texas.
(You never know what you’ll find at the flea market.)

And then there were vendors that had a very specific niche. We saw a tent filled with nothing but antlers and flint. There was a vendor that sold nothing but her handmade chandeliers. Some that sold already refurbished furniture pieces. One tent that was filled with nothing but rugs. Another that was full of wood and metal decor from Mexico.

One of the things that I loved MOST about this ‘flea market’ was that it wasn’t full of vendors selling MLM products or cheap phone cases. I hate when I go to a flea market and this is all that I find. It’s so disappointing.

We saw SO MANY interesting things at the Round Top Antique Show!

Bring a Wagon

We knew going into this event that we would definitely need to wear good walking shoes. We knew that we would need to stay hydrated and to take frequent breaks. However, we didn’t think about how we were going to deal with the things that we bought.

We brought our truck to Round Top in case we bought any furniture and needed to get it home. But we didn’t think about carrying around the smaller items would pick up.

It didn’t take us long to get tired of constantly walking back to the truck to put things up. So, before our second day of shopping we bought a wagon at Wal-Mart and it was a life saver!

You Can Go to the Junk Gyspy Store!

Junk Gypsy Company is located in Round Top, Texas and you can visit the store and hang out to play lawn games while you take a break from shopping!

After leaving Bar W Field, we were headed into Round Top to see what was in the town, when we passed by Junk Gypsy Company on the right. You better believe we turned around!

The store was just as awesome as you would imagine. And even though we didn’t buy anything, we were glad that we stopped in.

Not only were there a lot of cool displays and plenty of things to give us design ideas and inspiration. Also, Jolie was there greeting everyone and taking pictures. She was just as sweet and welcoming as you would imagine.

We even hung out and rested for a little bit while the girls played a Jenga yard game. It was a welcome break and we’ll definitely stop in again next time!

There are Snacks!

Before heading to Round Top, I packed a small cooler with drinks and snacks. I figured we would get hot and hungry and could head back to the truck for a quick refuel. But the cooler wasn’t necessary. There were several food vendors set up at the flea market.

From ice cream to barbeque to fair food, there was plenty of good food to be found.

Of course, it was a little pricier than I would like, but it was worth it not to have to haul around a cooler or walk back to the parking lot. So, I’m not complaining!

We loved the Round Top Antique Show so much that we are already planning to go back to the October show! We only saw a fraction of the spring show and hope to cover more area in the fall.

And we gushed about it so much and all the cool stuff we found that my parents are driving all the way to Texas to go with us! We can’t wait!

(This isn’t the first or even second time I’ve highlighted a flea market here on the blog, check out the Fort Bragg Flea Market and the Raleigh Market that we went to in North Carolina.)

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