Halloween Care Package Ideas

Halloween Care Package Ideas

Deployed soldiers are sent many thoughts, prayers, and packages during the Christmas season. But I feel like we forget that they are missing out on other holidays too. My husband loves Halloween – when we were dating we would dress up together and throw a big party. After the kids came along, he always helped pick out their costumes (& eat their candy ). So while he was deployed, I made sure to send him a Halloween care package.

It meant a lot to him that I was thinking of him and remembered that Halloween is his favorite holiday. And sending him decked out boxes of love was one of my favorite things to do while he was gone.

In honor of his favorite holiday and being able to spend this next one together, I organized a list of ten creatively creepy Halloween care packages that caught my eye on Pinterest. [Click on each picture for the link to the original pin.]

Halloween Care Package Ideas

13 Days of Halloween

Halloween Care Package Ideas

This blogger put together a Halloween countdown for her son. Each number corresponded to a creepy Halloween icon. For example, to represent the Boogey Man she sent a Halloween-themed pack of tissues and gummy booger candy. I love this idea! I might even do it with my girls at home! Who says it has to be a care package? It’s too cute to resist!

Eye Can’t Wait to See You

Halloween care package ideas

There’s not much creepier than that feeling of being watching. So imagine opening up this box to dozens of googly-eyes staring up at you. This would be a good care package to get the kids involved in. Someone has to help stick all those eyes on the box!

Zombie Box

Halloween Care Package: Zombie Outbreak Box

This package is perfect for your zombie aficionado or Walking Dead fan. You could fill it with zombie-themed candy, add some zombie movies, and movie snacks!

Spider Webs!

Halloween Care Package Ideas: Spider Webs

This package doesn’t really have a theme, as much as it’s decorations are just awesome! I love that they used things that you can pick up at your local Wal-Mart or dollar store. The fake spider webs and the skull garland are my favorite parts!

Decorated by the Kids

Halloween Care Package

My kids loved helping me decorate daddy’s care packages! This package was made sweeter by using their hand-print spider and Frankenstein to decorate the flaps. The hardest part of putting this package together was finding wrapping paper that would be suitable for Halloween.

Hey Boo, Eye Miss You!

Halloween Care Package Ideas: Eye Miss You!

Another package with eyeballs – only this time, they’re gigantic! I don’t know where they found those giant googly-eyes, but they’re perfect for this package. And I always love a good play on words, so this care package pun will definitely be in my repertoire for future deployments!

Going Batty Without You

Halloween Care Package Ideas: Going Batty Without You

Those little bats are so stinkin’ cute! I’m thinking the next time my husband is gone during Halloween we’ll send him a package that says ‘We’re going batty without our daddy!” just so I can use these bats.

I’m a Lucky Ghoul

Halloween Care Package Ideas: I'm a Lucky Ghoul to be Your Boo!

We already know that pun-ny care packages are my favorite. So, this package that says, “I’m a lucky ghoul to be your boo” is right up my alley!

Nightmare Before Christmas

Halloween Care Package Ideas: Nightmare Before Christmas

Nothing says Halloween romance better than Jack Skellington and Sally. Send this to your long-distance loved one to remind them that you are thinking about them on All Hallows Eve.

I Love You a Skele-Ton!

Halloween Care Package Idea: I Love You a Skele-Ton!

Halloween just wouldn’t be Halloween if there wasn’t a rattling bag of bones around. Send your soldier a reminder that you have a ton of love for them….a skele-ton!

While these care packages are especially relevant for deployed service members, they can also be sent to any long-distance loved one.

I hope these Halloween care packages inspire you and give you the push you need to get one in the mail soon!

For more care package inspiration, check out A Year of Care Package Ideas for all of the care packages that I sent my husband while he was on a hardship tour in Central America.

10 Creative and Creepy Halloween Care Packages

10 Creatively Creepy Halloween Care Package IdeasHalloween Care Package Ideas

Halloween Care Package Ideas

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