14 Valentine’s Day Care Package Ideas

I love you to the moon and back care package.

Being separated from your significant other or family is hard during the holidays, especially during that special holiday meant for celebrating the ones you love. Putting together a Valentine’s Day care package is a good way to let your loved one know that you are thinking of them.

I’ve created a list of Valentine care packages that are sure to send your love where ever you need it to go!

Valentine’s Day Care Package Ideas

You Make My Heart Skip a Beat

This Valentine’s Day care package from Countdowns and Cupcakes is the absolute cutest! I especially love the heartbeat rhythm on the left flap.

Someone in _________ Loves You

This Love Day package from Sweet Blessings is from a mom and dad to their kiddo, but it could easily be changed to say what every you want. It contains 14 wrapped items – one to open from February 1st til Valentine’s Day. And I’m always a sucker for gingham!

Star Wars Theme

If your long-distance loved one is a Star Wars fan, look no further than this Valentine’s Day care package from Pinterest! It says, “R4 is red. R2 is blue. The force is strong, when I am with you.” How perfect is that?

I Cant Wait to See You….Naked

This care package from Pinterest is a little risque, but still cute! The package seems sweet and innocent….until the recipient takes everything out. The surprise on the bottom of the box is sure to leave a smile on their face.

You Are My Swole-Mate

How perfect is this care package for fit couples? Make sure you send your long-distance swole-mate some love this Valentine’s Day!

Long-Distance Love

This Valentine’s Day care package from The Candy Lei is perfect for couples are that are enduring long-distances. Whether your loved one is on a deployment, out of town for work, away at college, or on a mission trip, this package is sure to make them feel loved.

From Baby

Valentine care packages don’t necessarily have to be romantic. I love this package from Castle Random, from baby to daddy. Those little hand and footprints are sure to tug on the heartstrings when this package arrives.

We Love You Berry Much

Speaking of non-romantic care packages, I made this Valentine’s Day care package for my niece and nephew. The girls loved helping me choose gifts for their cousins and they even helped me draw on the berries.

More Than the Miles

This package from Pinterest is another one that is perfect for those in long-distance relationships. It’s a perfect reminder that your love is more than the miles between you!

I’ve Got the Hots for You

This package from Unicorn Dreaming completes it’s theme from start to finish. Not only are the flaps of the box decorated, but all of the snacks inside are spicy!

To the Moon and Back

What better day to say that you love someone to the moon and back than on Valentine’s Day? It’s perfect for space lovers or if this is just your sweet saying to each other.

Waiting for My Stud Muffin

“I’m just a cupcake, waiting for my stud muffin!” How cute is that package for Valentine’s Day? You could even include some cupcakes and muffins in the package.

Soldier Boy Brave and Fine

I threw this Valentine package together for my husband when he was away on a hardship tour. I wish I would have had time to make it cuter, but I love the saying, “Soldier boy, brave and fine, won’t you be my Valentine?”

Always Have, Always Will

This package with all of it’s hearts and sweet saying is perfect for Valentine’s Day. “Loved you yesterday, love you still, always have, and always will.”

Valentine’s Day can seem a little lonely when you’re in a long-distance relationship. Hopefully, these packages help you send some love and bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

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