9 Cute Father’s Day Care Package Ideas

9 Cute Father’s Day Care Package Ideas

Father’s Day weekend is quickly approaching and thankfully, my husband will be with us this year on Father’s Day. Next year, however, we’ll have to send his gift overseas and I’m already dreading it.

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to let your dad, grandpa, and husband know just how much you love and appreciate them.

I put together this list of Father’s Day Care Package ideas so that I’ll have a head start next year.

Happy Father’s Day

I made this Father’s Day care package for my husband when he was on a hardship tour to Central America for 15 months. In the pictures the girls are holding signs that say Happy Father’s Day. His favorite packages were the ones that had pictures and I knew that he would love this one.

Star Wars

If the dad in your life is a Star Wars fan, you can’t go wrong with this themed care package. Filled with some of his favorite things and the cutest Star Wars puns, this box is sure to make his day!

You’re Our Favorite Super Hero

This super hero themed Father’s Day care package is the sweetest! Filled with some fun super hero snacks and plenty of sweet super hero sentiments, this package is a winner!

Your Favorite Minions Miss You

Minions are always fun! And those little yellow feet print are just too sweet! Fill it with plenty of things dad might need while he’s deployed and it’s a great Father’s Day gift.

Have A Beer-y Happy Father’s Day

This Father’s Day care package sticker kit from Sea to Sea With Love is sure to make any beer-drinking-papa’s day! I love that you can buy these pre-made care package stickers directly from her Etsy shop for only $6.99. Perfect for when you don’t have time to decorate an elaborate package.

Best Dad Ever, Hands Down!

There’s just something about these packages with the kids’ hands and feet prints that are just so sweet. And it will let daddy see how much they are growing. Plus, it’s fairly easy to make and that’s always a plus!

You Are My Father

Another Star Wars themed Father’s Day care package, but this one is sure to get a smile. Taken from the iconic line from Darth Vader. Any dad would be sure to like this one.

I’ve Caught the Best Dad

This Father’s Day care package is perfect for the fishing dad in your life. Any dad would be glad to know their kids think that they are the best.

The Love Between Father & Daughter Knows No Distance

This one is sure to bring a tear to any daddy’s eye, especially after adding pictures. Even though it might make him emotional, this sweet Father’s Day care package will remind him that his sweet babies haven’t forgotten him and are just waiting for him to come home safe.

Father’s Day is such a special day and great opportunity to let that special dad in your life know how much he means to you. Distance doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate this day even while you’re apart. I hope these ideas inspire you to send your love where ever it needs to go!

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