11 Pictures That Prove Blue Hole Park in Georgetown, TX is a Slice of Paradise

Blue Hole Park in Georgetown is a beautiful slice of paradise in Texas!

Blue Hole Park in Georgetown, Texas is a beautiful and peaceful slice of paradise and these 11 pictures prove it!

I was scrolling through Instagram when I came across some GORGEOUS pictures from this park and I couldn’t wait to get down to Georgetown and see it for myself.

This popular, yet not overcrowded, swimming hole is located on the south fork of the San Gabriel River. Bordered on one side by tall limestone cliffs and on the other side by a charming city park, it truly is a gorgeous place.

The park is complete with picnic tables, trails, and public restrooms. And the sidewalk runs the entire length, so it’s very accessible for wheelchairs, strollers, and wagons.

Blue Hole Park in Georgetown is a beautiful slice of paradise in Texas!
(My girls loved standing under the ‘waterfall’.)

Blue Hole Park in Georgetown

I recently took the kids to Blue Hole Park and we had the BEST time.

We didn’t get there until after 3 in the afternoon, but we loved it so much that we ended up staying until after 9!

I’m so glad I took some floats with us, we floated peacefully on the slow-moving river, watching teenagers jump from the cliffs. (Which you are NOT supposed to do and can get a ticket for.)

Water flowing over the dam at Blue Hole Park in Georgetown, Texas.
(The water flowing over the dam made the most peaceful noise.)

The kids did tricks as they jumped off the edge of the dam.

Floats going over the dam at Blue Hole Park in Georgetown.
(Don’t forget a float when you go!)

We stood under the ‘waterfall’ and waded through the shallow lower portion of the river.

Girl standing under a waterfall at Blue Hole Park.
(I think everyone at the park did this a one point or another.)

I sat in a chair on the rocky bank and read a book while the kids played.

Reading the novel 'Jetsetters' while the kids swim in the San Gabriel river.
(I love reading books in beautiful places.)

It was just a heavenly day. I honestly can’t recommend this place enough. It’s perfect for big kids and little kids alike.

This might have been our first visit to Blue Hole Park in Georgetown, but it definitely won’t be our last.

And if you can’t get enough of chasing Texas waterfalls, check out Gorman Falls at Colorado Bend State Park or Chalk Ridge Falls in Belton.

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