Housewarming Care Package Ideas

Housewarming Care Package Ideas

My little sister lives across the country in Los Angeles. And for the first time she is moving into a place of her own. No roommates or boyfriends or student housing…..she is sooo excited!

We are excited for her and wish that we could go see her new place…but that’s just not possible right now.

I still wanted to celebrate this achievement in some way, so I put together a housewarming care package for her.

Housewarming Care Package Ideas | Finding Mandee

(I love making care packages as your can see here, here, and here!)

We filled it with a some fun things and some boring (but useful) things and sent it on it’s way.

Here’s what it had in it:

  • plug-in essential oil diffuser
  • essential oils
  • bag clips
  • avocado holder
  • cutting boards
  • salt & spices
  • knick-knacks
  • cute kitchen towel

Hope All is Good in Your New Hood!

Housewarming Care Package Ideas

I decorated the inside of the package with scrapbook paper and the letters were created using my old Cricut machine (you know the kind that you had to buy cartridges for).

The flaps of the box say “Hope all is good in your new hood” which is a saying I found on a housewarming card. But there were some other pun-ny contenders:

  • “Congrats on your new pad! You made the leap!” (lily pad/frog theme)
  • “I hear you moooved!” (cow theme)
  • “Pivot! Hope the new place is SOfa good!” (Friends theme)
  • “You got a new place? Shut the front door!”
  • “Home sweet gnome!” (gnome theme)
  • “Gouda luck in your new home!” (cheese theme)

I never thought about making a housewarming care package before, but when you live so far away from family, you miss out on these events.

The ‘normal’ thing to do would be to just order something from Amazon and have it shipped to her new place. But I really do enjoy putting together these care packages.

My sister loved her mail-in surprise! And is impatiently awaiting the day when we can come see her new place!

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