How to Make a Baby Shower Care Package

Baby Shower Care Package

Sending care packages is one of my absolute favorite things! So when my best friend found out she was expecting (and I couldn’t go to her baby shower in Missouri) I knew I had to get a baby shower care package in the mail ASAP.

Baby Shower Care Package

Fill It!

The first step to completing any care package is shopping for items to fill it. And there is nothing better than shopping for cute little baby things!

Being a #girlmom that hasn’t shopped for babies in years, I was more than excited to pick out all the soft, pink, and ruffly goodies that baby girls so obviously NEED.

This baby shower care package was filled with:

  • cute baby clothes
  • baby blankets
  • headbands
  • and more cute baby clothes

Decorate It!

What fun is a baby shower care package without some decorations?

Since my gift was traveling via mail, I couldn’t wrap it like I normally would when I attend a baby shower in person. Instead, I wrapped the inside of the box. (If you don’t know how to do that, you can see a tutorial here.)

SideNote: I found this pink flowery wrapping paper at the Dollar Tree (cause I shop fancy, obviously ).

After wrapping the inside of the box, I decorated the flaps. For this package, I couldn’t think of a good pun. So, I simply went with “Welcome to the world, Tesla!” I cut out the letters for the flaps using my Cricut and glittery blue paper. I also added a heart for good measure

The baby shower care package was a success! Of course, it’s not the same as being there for the actual baby shower or being able to meet her sweet girl, but I never regret making an effort to let my friends and family near and far know that I love and care about them.

Tutorial for how to make a baby shower care package. | Finding Mandee Send your love and blessings across the miles with this baby shower care package. | Finding Mandee