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21 Open When Letter Ideas

Open When Letters are a fun and thoughtful way to let your long-distance loved one know that you are missing them. There are TONS of different topics and things to put inside the letters. Open when letter ideas are all over Pinterest.

The best part of making open when letters is designing and decorating the envelopes. I had the most fun decorating the envelopes for my husband’s open when letters when he was on a hardship tour to Central America.

I have scoured the internet and put together a list of open when letter ideas that are sure to inspire you!

Open When Letter Ideas

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Cute & Colorful

Open When Letters: Ideas and Inspiration

I love these white envelopes with colorful fonts, themed illustrations, and large hand-lettering.

Boxed Up

Open When Letter Ideas

I love the idea of sending open when letters in their own box. That way the recipient can keep them together and can always find them when they need them.

Colored Envelopes

Open when letter ideas

These open when letters inside colored envelopes are sure to brighten your long-distance loved one’s day!

Black & Gold

Open When Letter Ideas

These open when letters on white envelopes with classic black and gold lettering and illustrations are beautiful!

Simple is Best

ideas for open when letters

Simplicity is key with these letters with their plain black lettering and clever illustrations.

Artsy Fartsy

open when letter ideas

I am in awe of the creator of these open when letters. They are a true artist!


Open When Letter Ideas

Whoa! I’m sure there’s a letter there for every occasion.

Patterned Paradise

open when letter ideas: patterned envelopes

These patterned envelopes are perfect for open when letters!

Clever Illustrations

Open When Letter Ideas

These open when letters decorated with clever illustrations are everything! I love them!

Red, White, & Blue

Open When Letter Ideas

I love the uniformity of these red, white, and blue open when letters. And I’m sure the printed labels make this project a lot easier and faster than decorating them by hand.


Open When Letter Ideas

Love will surely be in the air when these letters reach their recipient! I adore the little hearts stuck to each one!

Color Matching

Open When Letter Ideas

I love how the color of the writing matches the color of each envelope.


Open When Letter Ideas

These open when letters, decorated with emojis are perfect!


Open When Letter Round Up

These open when letters keep it uncomplicated with their hand-drawn and handwritten fronts.


Open When Letter Ideas

Pastel envelopes make these open when letters even sweeter!

Emoji Love

Open When Letter Ideas

Emoji stickers make these open when letters look bright and fun!

Marker Fun

Open When Letter Ideas

All you need for these fun open when letters is a pack of colorful markers.


Open When Letter Ideas

Make life easy with open when letter printables!


Open When Letter Ideas

These open when letters are vibrant and sure to please your homesick loved one!

Wax Seals

Open When Letter Ideas

How cool are these open when letters sealed with wax stamps?


Open When Letter Ideas

Love these open when letters decorated with colorful banners!

I hope these open when letter ideas have inspired you to put together some of your own. They are perfect for deployed service members, college students, missionaries, or anyone long-distance loved ones.

21 Open When Letter Ideas and Inspiration

21 Open When Letter Ideas