24 Deployment Homecoming Sign Ideas

Deployment homecoming sign ideas: I just met you and this is crazy

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Last year, my husband returned from a 9-month deployment and the day he got home was one of the best days ever! So, we made deployment homecoming signs for the occasion. (It was also part of our Deployment Bucket List.)

We made them when the girls were little and he returned from a hardship tour in Central America and I posted a tutorial on how to make an easy deployment homecoming sign. We used the same process to make these signs.

The hardest part was trying to decide what the signs should say. So, I put together a list of deployment homecoming sign ideas for the next time we have to make one!

I Just Met You & This Is Crazy…

Deployment homecoming sign ideas: I just met you and this is crazy
(This sign was for our deployment dog, not a real baby!)

I made this sign for Marv (the dog) because we got him while my husband was deployed. They hadn’t met yet, but it took them about 2 seconds to become best friends. Obviously, it would be much cuter for a real baby!

Daddy’s Princess

Deployment Homecoming Sign: I am Daddy's Princess and he is my Hero!
(Sweetest little welcome home princess ever!)

I let the girls pick what they wanted their signs to say and Lyvi picked “I am Daddy’s Princess and he is my Hero.”

270 Days Spent Missing You

Deployment Homecoming Sign Ideas: Roses are red, violets are blue, 270 days spent missing you!
(270 days was 269 days too long!)

Lainey wanted a sign that said how many days her dad had been gone. So, her sign said, “Roses are red, violets are blue, 270 days spent missing you!”

Kisses & Handprints

how to make a deployment homecoming sign

“Missed me, missed me! Now you gotta kiss me!”

“These are the hands that prayed for your safe return.”

We made these signs for Heff’s homecoming when he came home from a 15-month hardship tour in Honduras. The girls loved putting on lipstick and painting their hands to mark the signs!

The Stats

I love the signs that tell you how long the service members were gone. And these give you all of the ‘stats’!

“I’d wait for you forever, but 187 days was long enough.”

“6 months, 204 days, 1 happy wife!”

For a Marine

“His boots are tan. His cammies are green. I can’t wait to kiss my Marine!” My husband is Army, so this wouldn’t work for us, but it’s such a cute idea.

Valentine’s Day Homecoming

These are unique ideas for deployment homecomings that are happening in February.

“Just in time to be my Valentine! Welcome home, soldier.”

“I asked Santa to bring you home, but instead he turned it over to Cupid.”

Mommy Quit

“So glad you are home, Daddy. Mommy quit two weeks ago!” Honestly, this is the most honest deployment homecoming sign yet!

Look, There is My Father

Deployment Homecoming Sign Ideas: Look, there is my father!

“Look, there is my father!” This Star Wars-inspired sign is one of the best!

Christmas Homecoming

“I’m here to pick up my Christmas present: (Insert name)” This is such a good idea for deployment homecomings that are happening before Christmas.

Best Day Ever

“Best day ever!” If you’ve ever had your own deployment homecoming, then you know that it truly is the best day ever!

Harry Potter Inspired

“I solemnly swear that we’ll be up to no good. Accio (insert name).” This is the perfect deployment homecoming sign for Harry Potter fans!

For Babies and Toddlers

“Out of my way, I’m walking to my daddy for the first time today.”

“I’m not as tiny as I used to be, come and kiss your mini me! Welcome home, Daddy!”

These are such adorable signs for deployment homecomings that involve babies or toddlers.

Friends Inspired

“The one where (insert rank and name) comes home!” This deployment homecoming sign is for all the ‘Friends’ fans out there.

Who Missed Their Dad the Most?

“Who missed their dad the most? This guy!” There can’t be a more perfect deployment homecoming sign for little boys than this one.

Pinky Promise

“You promised to come home and I promised to be here for you. Welcome home!” This is such a sweet sign for couples, especially those that make pinky promises.

It’s Been Ruff

“It’s been a ruff (insert time) without my best friend. Welcome home!” This deployment homecoming sign for the dog is just too cute!

Report for Booty

“Report for duty….booty!” You can always make your deployment homecoming sign a little spicy.

Finally Under the Same Roof

“Always under the same stars, finally under the same roof. Welcome home!” This is such a sweet one.

Out of My Way

“Outta my way, I get my sailor back today! Best day ever!” Next time we have to make a welcome home sign, I think this is what it will say.

Deployment is one of the worst parts of military life. However, if you have to go through it, the absolute best part is when it’s over.

You can make the homecoming even more special with a sign. Plus, they make really cute pictures for social media.

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