Take a Peek Inside My Bucket List Bullet Journal

take a peek inside my bucket list bullet journal
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I recently updated the blog with my ‘new’ bucket list bullet journal. I started over with a new one after making a lot of mistakes and ripping out too many pages in the old one.

(You can see the first iteration of this travel-themed bullet journal here.)

As a military spouse, I make a bucket list for each duty station that we live at. It helps us get excited about exploring our new home and gives us something to look forward to. Moving around and starting over every couple of years is stressful and this is my way of looking on the bright side.

Now, I’ve added my Fort Liberty and North Carolina Bucket List and pictures to my bucket list bullet journal. And I am loving how it is turning out!

Bucket List Bullet Journal Update

State Parks

I began the Fort Liberty Bucket List section of the journal with an outline of the state and a list of all of North Carolina’s state parks.

You can tell that we didn’t check many state parks off the list, but the ones we did visit were beautiful!

In between the lists that I wrote out, I had to skip pages because the black pens bled through the paper. On these pages that I skipped, I added pictures and stickers that correspond with the lists before it.

The North Carolina Bucket List

After the list of state parks, the North Carolina Bucket List begins! I wrote out the lists for each city/region, starting with Fort Bragg (Fort Liberty) and Fayetteville.

The supplies needed for this bullet journal are pretty simple: pens, colored pencils, washi tape, stickers, and photos. I could definitely add more, but I like the clean look of having plenty of white space.

The girls loved helping me pick out pictures and stickers for the bucket list bullet journal. We had a good time reminiscing about living in North Carolina.

They were 4 and 6 when we moved there and 8 and 9 when we left. I’m surprised at what parts they remember and what parts they don’t.

I don’t know why, but having my bucket list physically written down is so satisfying. Flipping through it and seeing my travel goals and travel memories in the same place makes me happy.

I highly recommend keeping a bucket list bullet journal if you are a serial list maker like I am!

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