A Peek Inside My Travel Bullet Journal

List of National Parks in my travel bullet journal.

Back in October, I wrote a post about how I started a bullet journal to keep track of my various bucket lists. Over the past couple of months, I spent plenty of evenings working on my Travel Bullet Journal.

Initially, I was inspired by an Instagram post from @disheveled.doodles. This super-talented bullet journal-er created a list in her journal of all the U.S National Parks. Each time she visits a National Park, she checks it off the list.

I don’t keep a ‘normal’ bullet journal, where I plan my days and keep track of my life. I use a Happy Planner for that! However, I love the freedom and creativity that bullet journals allow and knew that this was my chance to start one of my own.

A peek inside my Travel Bullet Journal.

Bullet Journal Theme

The theme of my bullet journal is travel, obviously.

I LOVE travelling. I wish I could do it all the time. My fantasy is to become a digital nomad and travel the world while blogging. However, my family doesn’t share that same dream and they mean more than wanderlust ever could. So, I plan family vacations and make the most out of this nomadic Army lifestyle.

I created the first page of my travel bullet journal to reflect it’s theme.

The first page in my travel bullet journal is the quote "Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures."

Since my Fort Bragg Bucket List isn’t enough to fill the entire journal, so I decided to make it a travel bullet journal for all of our travels here in the U.S. Thus, the next page contains a map of the U.S with the states that we’ve visited colored in.

National Parks

Next, I created a page similar to the post that inspired it all. I listed all of America’s National Parks in alphabetical order by state. I ended up making the font for the list much bigger than I intended, so I drew little illustrations where I could.

Also, it is important to note that the pages of this bullet journal – a $5 journal from Michael’s – are thin, so the black pen bleeds through a little. Thus, I skip pages between each list. I plan to use these blank pages to include pictures and mementos from our adventures.

National Icons

After the list of National Parks, I included a list of National Icons. This list was a little harder to put together. It was easy to find a list of National Parks on the internet, however, National Icons are little more subjective. My list contains 50 landmarks that nearly everyone in America would recognize.

National icons that I hope to visit some day.

Travel the South

Since the United States is so big, I decided to break it down into regions in order to better organize my Travel Bullet Journal. Since, we are currently living in a southern state, I decided to start there. I drew a map of 14 southern states.

It was difficult to determine which states should be considered part of the South. Historically, there were 11 southern states. However, I don’t think this accurately represents modern geography. Thus, my map contains 14 states that stretch north from Florida to Maryland the state just below the Mason-Dixon line and stretch as far west as Texas.

In this section of my Travel Bullet Journal, I will include a bucket list for each of these 14 states. Of course, the states that we live/have lived in will have a longer list than the states that we only visit.

Travel the South spread in my bullet journal.

North Carolina

Since I already have my Fort Bragg and North Carolina Bucket List ready to go, I began this section of my Travel Bullet Journal with the State of North Carolina.

The first thing I added to North Carolina’s of my bullet journal was a list of state parks.

After that, I wrote down the North Carolina bucket list.

The list is already divided into 11 sections by city/region. Each time we complete a bucket list item, I’ll mark through it with a red pen and color over the bullet with the same color as the city/region’s banner.

Now that the North Carolina section of my travel bullet journal is complete, I’m not sure which state I’m going to do next. Maybe our home-state of Florida or the state of Louisiana since we lived there for 4 years before PCSing to Bragg?

Either way, I’ll be sure to update the bullet journal’s progress here on the blog!

I realize that my travel bullet journal is different from any other that I have seen. It doesn’t contain packing lists, itineraries, or memory logs. However, I love that I have my travel aspirations physically written down.

Just looking through my travel bullet journal makes me want to get out and go!

This bullet journal is where I keep track of my bucket lists and travel aspirations! | Finding Mandee
Take a peek inside my travel bullet journal. | Finding Mandee
Take a Peek Inside my Travel Bullet Journal | Finding Mandee

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