3 Easy Hikes Near Fort Liberty, NC

Hikes near Fort Liberty: Raven Rock State Park
Forest stairs in Raven Rock State Park in North Carolina
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When we got orders to Fort Liberty (formerly known as Fort Bragg), I couldn’t wait to go on all the hikes.

North Carolina is home to Brevard County, the ‘Land of Waterfalls’ and I thought we would be hiking every weekend. Little did I know that those hikes are at least a 4-hour drive from Fort Liberty.

There aren’t many waterfalls around the military base in the Sandhills (there is a pretty one hiding in Fayetteville though). But we still managed to find a couple of hikes in the area and used them as practice for when we finally got to visit the mountains.

Here are 3 easy hikes near Fort Liberty:

Raven Rock

Raven Rock State Park in Lillington was our favorite place to hike near Fort Liberty.

There are 14 hiking trails in the park, most of which are easy. Our favorite was the Raven Rock Loop Trail which took you up to an overlook for pretty views of the Cape Fear River.

We also enjoyed the Lanier Falls and Fish Traps Rapids trails that lead down to the river. There were plenty of rock formations to play on and it was a nice shaded walk. The stairs were challenging on the way back up, but we still enjoyed those hikes.

If you’re looking for hikes near Fort Liberty, Raven Rock should be at the top of your list!

Raven Rock
(At the overlook on the Raven Rock Loop Trail.)

Carver’s Creek

Perhaps one of the closest hikes near Fort Liberty would be at Carver’s Creek State Park in Spring Lake.

This park was donated to the State of North Carolina by the Rockefeller Family. James Stillman Rockefeller owned Long Valley Farm and used it as a winter retreat. You can still see the house and outbuildings at the park today.

There are 9 hiking trails at Carver’s Creek State Park and all of them are listed as easy. My kids said that this was a boring park because there were no waterfalls, big rocks, or pretty overlooks. However, my husband and I used it for our daily walks/runs.

If you’re looking for a quiet place to take a walk under the pines, then this will be one of your favorite hikes near Fort Liberty.

Weymouth Woods

Weymouth Woods Sandhills Nature Preserve has 11 hiking trails through some of the oldest living pine trees on earth.

In fact, hidden among the 900 acres of the preserve is the oldest longleaf pine in the world. According to researchers, this tree dates back to 1548!

All of the trails in the park are easy and the kids loved running ahead of me and playing in the woods. It’s another great park to get outside and enjoy nature.

These 3 hikes near Fort Liberty are all easy and perfect for kids!

They are a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the beautiful scenery that North Carolina has to offer!

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