Things I Liked Better About Galveston Than Florida Beaches

Heading to the beach in Galveston, Texas.
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Our adventure in Galveston was our last trip of the summer, but we went out on a high note. This beach town was surprising in the best way!

When I put a visit to Galveston on my Texas Bucket List, people told me that I wouldn’t like it since I was from Florida. They said that Texas beaches aren’t as pretty as the ones in Florida and that the water is ugly.

But they were wrong, I loved every minute we spent there and I already want to go back!

Things I Liked Better About Galveston than Florida Beaches:

Okay, Florida folks, I was born and raised in the Sunshine State. I plan on living out my days there once my husband is out of the Army. It’s where we call home.

There’s nothing like the white sugar sand beaches and the turquoise waters of the Emerald Coast, but I’m not a beach snob.

In fact, I haven’t found a beach that I didn’t love. Here are the things that I liked better about Galveston than the beaches back home:

The beaches of Galveston are much less crowded that Florida beaches.
(Photo credit: My beautiful and talented friend, Angel Deines.)

There were wayyy less crowds.

We were in Galveston during the first week of August. That beach should have been PACKED with people on end of summer vacations. But it wasn’t!

We went to the beach and it felt like we pretty much had it all to ourselves.

There was plenty of room for the kids to spread out and play. I could take pictures without 50 cranky tourists in the background. And best of all, there was PLENTY of parking. No driving forever looking for a spot. No parking 2 miles away and lugging everything to the beach and back. It was wonderful!

Florida on the other hand. Well, I hope you like looking at the back of somebody’s umbrella, because that might be the only view you get when you plop down your beach chair. Unless you want to elbow your way to the waterline and get dirty looks from the people you just sat in front of.

Picture of an empty Texas beach.
(I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Florida beach empty on a sunny summer afternoon.)

The waves were more gentle.

Depending on what day you go to the beach in Florida, you may or may not be fighting a rip tide. You may or may not be able to stand in the water without being knocked down by a wave.

In Galveston, we played in the water nearly every day and never had those issues. I could relax while the kids played without worrying that they would get sucked out to sea.

I’m sure it has it’s rough days, but it was full of calm, peaceful, rolling waves while we were there. And it was heaven!

Girls riding boogie boards at a Texas beach.
(The waves were perfect for the kids to play on their boogie boards.)

The wildflowers grow right up to the beach.

And y’all already know that I’m a sucker for any kind of flowers, especially Texas wildflowers!

Taking the time to stop and smell the flowers at the beach.
(Taking time to stop and smell the flowers is our specialty!)

It’s true that the sand wasn’t the soft, white beach sand that we are used to in Florida and that the water isn’t as clear. But these Texas beaches are their own kind of pretty.

Galveston is an awesome beach town! One that I can’t wait to go back and explore. There’s so much more that I want to do here!

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