5 of Our Favorite Fort Bragg Swimming Holes

Lake Pines in Fayetteville is one of our favorite Fort Bragg swimming holes.
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The temperatures have finally reached the 70s and low 80s here in Texas after our big freeze. This has me looking forward to our first Texas summer, but also reminiscing on our past 3 summers at Fort Bragg.

We had some good summers in North Carolina, marking items off of our Fort Bragg Bucket List. There is so much to do in the Fort Bragg area, but it was a little harder to find swimming holes than I expected.

I grew up in Florida, where beach days started in March and nearly every lake, creek, river, and mud hole was fair game to anyone that wanted to jump in and cool off.

We had to look around a bit to find places to swim near Fort Bragg, but these 5 places quickly became our go-to Fort Bragg swimming holes.

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Fort Bragg Swimming Holes

White Lake

The very first swim adventure we had at Fort Bragg was on the 4th of July. Swimming and fireworks were a must for us. We ended up at White Lake for the day and had the BEST time!

White Lake is an hour’s drive southeast of Fort Bragg, but it was worth the drive. We spent the day swimming in the lake and watching the fireworks from the shoreline.

The only downfall is that there is only one public beach at White Lake and it was extremely crowded.

However, we went back a few more times on regular days and it wasn’t bad at all. There is an entry fee at Goldston’s Beach, but at $5 per adult and $2 per child, it wasn’t bad at all.

White Lake in Elizabeth, NC
(Happiness is a $5 emoji float and day at the lake!)

Lake Pines Swim Club

If there is only one Fort Bragg swimming hole that you visit during your time there, make it this one!

Located in Fayetteville, Lake Pines is a natural lake/spring, but they have built up the sides with concrete and treat the water so that it is pretty and blue.

It has a nice sandy bottom and plenty of things for the kids to do. There’s a high dive, a diving board, a water slide, and a water playground for the little ones. There are also plenty of chairs, pavilions, picnic tables, benches, and swings on the shore to sit, tan, and read a book.

And the best part is that the lifeguards are top-notch! Kids must pass a swim test to get a wrist band to be able to swim in the deep end. They also require any kids under the age of 7 to be with an adult at ALL times even in the shallow water.

In addition to the lifeguards on the shore, there are some in kayaks patrolling the deep water. They’re quick to blow their whistle and let you know the rules, which sounds annoying, but I appreciated knowing that my kids were safe.

My only complaint about Lake Pines Swim Club is that the entrance fee is higher than other places on this list.

Fort Bragg Swimming Holes: Lake Pines Swim Club in Fayetteville, NC
(Look at that beautiful blue water!)

Chalmer’s Pool

Another Fort Bragg swimming hole that we loved in Fayetteville was one of the city pools. Chalmer’s Pool at Seabrook Park is right across the street from the Fayetteville State University campus and my girls loved it!

There are 2 pools at the facility – a big lap pool ranging from 4-5 feet with a water slide and a wading pool with a water playground. There is also a snack bar, picnic tables, and lounge chairs. Lifeguards keep watch over the pools and there are plenty of other kids to make friends with.

It’s only $1 per child (12 and under) and $2 for ages 13+. So, it was only $4 total for me and the girls to spend a day hanging out at the pool.

You’re allowed to bring your own coolers, snacks, and drinks and there is a playground and basketball court at the facility for the kids to play at.

The only downside is that this pool stays pretty busy and can fill up fast. We were never not able to get in, but there were a few times that we couldn’t find a chair.

Chalmer’s Pool at Seabrook Park was a weekly treat during our summers at Fort Bragg.

The pool at Seabrook Park in Fayetteville, NC
(A summer spent by the pool is a summer well spent!)

Jordan Lake

One of our favorite natural Fort Bragg swimming holes was Jordan Lake. Located an hour north of Fort Bragg, this 14,000-acre lake is a state recreation area and is almost completely undeveloped.

There are 7 designated swimming areas and multiple boat ramps. We always used the White Oak recreation area, just because it was the easiest for me to find.

This lake is popular for boating – there were always people tubing and riding jet skis around the lake. Jordan Lake has campgrounds, hiking trails, and even a bald eagle observation platform. There are public bathrooms and playgrounds in the beach areas and the admission fee is only $7 per carload.

The girls loved going to play at the lake and I could usually talk my husband into going with us on the weekends since I could entice him with fishing.

We taught our girls how to fish here, so Jordan Lake will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Fort Bragg Swimming Holes: Jordan Lake
(I could never in a hundred summers get tired of this.)
Fort Bragg fishing : Jordan Lake
(Fishing & swimming at Jordan Lake was one of our best Fort Bragg memories.)

Twin Lions Pool

Another of our favorite Fort Bragg swimming holes was located right on post. The Twin Lions Pool on Fort Bragg was another one of our favorite places to cool down in the summer.

Not only is there are a huge outdoor pool, but there is a splash pad at this facility, in addition to 2 diving boards and plenty of lounge chairs.

But one of our favorite things about this particular pool is that it is home to the MWR dive-in theater!

Several times in the summer, the Fort Bragg MWR hosts a dive-in theater, where you can watch a movie from the pool. We saw a showing of Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid‘ and had the best time!

There is a small fee to get into the pool $4 for DOD cardholders and $6 for guests.

things to do at Fort Bragg: go to the dive-in theater
(Watching The Little Mermaid and eating popcorn at the dive-in theater.)

Our summers in North Carolina were full of fun and sun!

They would have been much less memorable without these swimming holes. If you’re stationed at Fort Bragg, check them out!

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