I Took My Mom to Vegas and Learned These 3 Things

Mamas' trip to Vegas!

All this sitting at home in quarantine has me pining for the the good ol’ days when we could travel whenever and wherever we wanted.

One of my all-time favorite trips was Las Vegas….with my mom!

That’s right! My little sister and I took my mom to Vegas and we had the BEST time!

Las Vegas girls' trip with my mom!

I know it sounds lame, but my mom is one of the coolest people I know and she loves to have a good time!

There were 3 unexpected things that we learned about Vegas during this trip and I thought I’d reminisce about traveling and share them here.

So Much Nudity

I know there are wild and outlandish things in Vegas. (I’ve watched The Hangover.) But I was completely unprepared by all the body parts we saw while just walking down the sidewalk.

At one point, we were walking down the street when we spotted 2 nuns ahead of us. They were walking in the same direction, but they were in full habit – long black dress and veil – despite the heat.

We even discussed the possibility of them being there to do some kind of outreach or fundraising. But we couldn’t figure out why they were walking down Fremont Street…..until they turned around.

Their BOOBS were OUT!

They might have looked like nuns from behind, but their costumes were completely open chested!

The look on my mom’s face was PRICELESS!

I still laugh when I think about it. I can bring up those nuns to this day and she still gets that shocked look on her face.

And those weren’t the only ones letting it all hang out. There were people in thongs, girls with pasties/tassels, folks in their undies, anything to shock you and hopefully get some tips after posing for pictures.

Fremont Street > The Strip

Before our trip, I was most excited about the Vegas Strip.

I couldn’t wait to see all the fancy hotels that I had only seen in movies. I couldn’t wait to see all the exotic cars and fancy people. In my mind, the strip was the stuff of legends.

And much to my dismay, the Vegas Strip was a little bit of a disappointment.

The hotels were even more amazing than I thought they would be. Their lobbies were straight out of movie scenes. And the Bellagio fountains were worth waiting outside in the heat of the night for the show.

However, nothing could have prepared me for the crowds so dense that we could barely move. I honestly don’t know how to describe it to you. At one point we were crossing a bridge over the street and were packed in so close to strangers that you couldn’t bend your knee without bumping someone. It was oppressive.

We walked into hotel lobbies and casinos just for a break from the suffocating wall of people. Trying to stay together with a group bigger than 3 would have been almost impossible.

Fremont Street was definitely busy and crowded, but nothing like the strip.

The hotels and casinos on Fremont Street don’t compare to the ones on the strip, but it was a compromise I was willing to make to not deal with the hordes of people.

Tips Are Not Optional

Another thing I found surprising was the audacity of the ‘street performers’.

I don’t know if ‘street performer’ is even the correct term. While we did see a few actual performers playing instruments, doing tricks, or dancing, the majority of the people out there were just dressed up to take pictures with tourists for ‘tips’.

The moment I spotted my first show girl on the strip, I wanted a picture. (I mean that’s classic Vegas!) She had on the jeweled bikini with giant tail feathers and the whole shebang. I politely waited my turn and stood next to her for a picture. Only for her to put her hand in her face and ask that I pay her $10 before she would pose with me.

I understand that this is how these people pay their bills or supplement their income, and I was fully prepared to tip. But I’ll be damned if I pay $10 for a cell phone picture!

We walked on until we found a showgirl whose minimum was $5. (She was also much nicer!)

This was another reason I preferred Fremont Street to The Strip. The performers on Fremont Street didn’t demand payment for pictures, but simply places their ‘hat’ on the ground for you to tip as you chose.

Despite the shocking things I learned on this trip, we still had a BLAST!

I would go back in a heartbeat! And my mom would too!

Hands down….the best girls trip we’ve ever had!

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