How to Make a Peony Wreath

Peony wreath for front door.

Spring is my absolute favorite season! I love when all the plants start to sprout, temperatures warm up, and the trees turn green again. It just makes everything seem so bright after a dreary winter.

When it was time to dig out my spring decor, I noticed that my yellow tulip wreath was looking a little faded. So, I decided to make a new one.

I have seen a bunch of peony wreaths on Pinterest and I love the way they look! So, I headed over to Hobby Lobby to get everything. Here’s how I made a peony wreath:

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Supplies needed to make peony wreath.

To make a peony wreath you will need:

  • grapevine wreath form
  • multiple sized peonies
  • Lambs Ear stems
  • ribbon
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • scissors
  • wire cutters (not pictured)

Luckily, I already had all of these supplies on hand, except for the flowers and ribbon, which I picked up at Hobby Lobby. So, this wreath didn’t cost me very much to make.

Step 2: Cut Peonies from Stems

Step 2 to making a peony wreath is to cut the peonies from their stems.

The next step is to cut the peonies from their stems. This is what you will likely need the wire cutters for. The peonies I bought were too thick to cut with regular scissors.

Make sure you leave about 1/2-1 inch of stem on the flowers. This will give you something to apply the hot glue to when it’s time to attach them to the wreath.

Step 3: Attach Greenery

Step 3: Attach greenery to the wreath.

Next, decide where you want your arrangement to be on the wreath. I knew I wanted 2 flower arrangements separated by a bow.

I used one stem of Lamb’s Ear greenery for the base of each arrangement. (These stems were left over from my farmhouse pumpkin mantel arrangement.)

Of course I had to use the wire cutters to trim the stems down to an appropriate length, so that they wouldn’t stick out past the wreath form. After trimming them, glue them down.

Step 4: Add Flowers

Step 4: Add flowers to peony wreath.

Take your time and arrange the peonies on top of the greenery. I played with the arrangements for 20 minutes before I got them just right. I placed the biggest flowers closest to the bow and the smaller ones farther away to give the arrangements a tapered look.

After you have the flowers placed where you want them glue them into place.

Step 5: Add a Bow

Step 5: Add a bow!

I’ll be honest, I am not a good bow maker. I have to YouTube bow-making tutorials every time I need to make one. But after 3 frustrating, hand-cramping tries, I was able to come up with this….and it’s good enough!

After you get your bow ready, glue it to the wreath. I also added a few extra Lamb’s Ear leaves to fill in a few spots.

And voila! Your new peony wreath is ready for the front door!

Peony wreath for front door.

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