Reasons Recycled Books in Denton is a Book Lover’s Paradise

3 Reasons to Visit Recycled Books in Denton, Texas

I recently had an overnight business trip in Denton, Texas. But I couldn’t just sit in my hotel room that night. Travel for work is still travel…right? That means I had to get out and explore! Google turned up the perfect thing for me to do in this little-known Texas town – a visit to Recycled Books in Denton, the largest rare and used book store in the state 

Recycled Books in Denton, Texas

Here are 3 reasons I would visit Recycled Books in Denton again and again!

Huge Inventory

As a lover of books since she was a little girl, to be unexpectedly tossed into the same city as such a marvelous wonder could only be described as destiny. I jumped into my tiny rental car and sped off for Recycled Books in Denton even though it was nearly 7 pm. Luckily the store closes at 9, so I had a little bit of time…or so I thought!

Part of the huge inventory at Recycled Books in Denton.

However, 2 hours was NOT enough time to properly shop this store. Forever might not be enough time to look through Recycled Books in Denton. With huge sections of  records, CDs, and DVDs along with nearly half a million used books, I could easily spend the whole day wandering around this labyrinth.

And what a labyrinth it is! The 17,000 square foot former Opera House is packed to the brim with mismatched shelving full of merchandise. From the fiction section on the upper level to the records on the ground level to the obscure genres squirreled away in the basement, Recycled Books in Denton is sure to have something for everyone!

Lesbian Pulp Fiction genre at Recycled Books in Denton.

My husband reads science fiction, but he has a hard time finding the kind that he likes (War Hammer 40K), even at commercial bookstores. He has never found them at a used bookstore before. Recycled Books in Denton was a different story though. I found 2 full shelves full of War Hammer books! My hubby was so excited when I texted him pictures of the shelves and he picked out several for me to bring back.

The Unique Atmosphere

There are a dozen small alcoves scattered throughout the store. Each one is labeled by genre and decorated to match. The travel section was adorned with maps and dozens of sea animal pictures in a collage on the walls of the niche full of ocean books.

The travel section at Recycled Books in Denton, TX.

Also contributing to the uniqueness of the store is the mismatched flooring. From the green shag carpeting in the front windows to the busted linoleum in the basement, the store’s unique history shines through.

In addition to the obscure genres, such as Lesbian Pulp Fiction, there is also a shelf right under the ceiling labeled ‘Books for Tall People. It’s one of the most Instagrammed spots in the store.

The Books for Tall People at Recycled Books in Denton.

Handmade signs designed to be both entertaining and helpful are posted throughout the store. They label each genre and provide useful information about the merchandise. It’s the small details throughout the store that give Recycled Books in Denton an atmosphere all it’s own.

Handmade signs at Recycled Books in Denton give it a unique atmosphere.

It’s Cheap!

Before I left the hotel, I swore I wouldn’t spend any much money. However, I walked out of there with a bag FULL of books (and for only $50)!

Most of the paperbacks in the store are sold for half of the publisher’s price on the back cover. The hardback books are priced individually based on their condition and availability. However, the prices at Recycled Books in Denton can’t be beat.

Handmade sign in Recycled Books in Denton that states pricing guidelines for books.

It’s safe to say that Recycled Books in Denton has captured my heart. I wish my husband could have been there with me, as he loves books as much as I do. If we are ever in the area again, we will be sure to stop by and you should too!

Recycled Books in Denton, TX does not disappoint! | Finding Mandee

3 Reasons to Visit Recycled Books in Denton, Texas | Finding MandeeVisit the largest used bookstore in the state of Texas. | Finding Mandee

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