7 Mother’s Day Care Package Ideas

The day I became a mom.

When we think of military life and sending care packages, we automatically think of deployed soldiers. We envision lonely service members’ faces lighting up with joy as they open mail from home.

However, I send as many care packages to my hometown as I do overseas. We often miss the ‘little holidays’, birthdays, and milestones of our families back home. I can’t remember the last time I spent Mother’s Day with my mom, but I want her to know that I’m thinking about her no matter how far apart we are.

I’ve put together a few ideas for a Mother’s Day care package that is sure to make your mama know that you love and appreciate her!

Happy Mother’s Day

You can’t go wrong with a feminine floral wrapping paper and gold letters. This Mother’s Day care package is simple, but oh so sweet! It’s sure to bring a smile to any mama’s face. (You can find a tutorial for wrapping the inside of a box here.)

Happy Mother’s Day #2

This Mother’s Day care package also contains a floral design, but leaves a frame of the cardboard flap around the edge. I love how it looks and could be simpler and easier than wrapping the whole interior of the box. I also love the mix of patterns and spring-y color scheme they used.

Tickled Pink

I love a care package with a good theme. AND pink just so happens to be my favorite color. So, it’s no surprise that this adorable package made the list! It would be fun to find pink things to fill and decorate the box with! And the card that says “I’m tickled pink that you’re my mom” is just the icing on the cake.

Home is Where Mom Is

‘Home is Where Mom Is’ is totally a sentiment that I agree with. No matter where the Army moves us or how many houses we inhabit, my mama’s house will always feel like home.

The other quote on this package, “If moms were flowers, I’d pick you!” is also super cute and would be perfect for a mom that loves gardening. Also, it’s worth noting that the paper used for this Mother’s Day care package is the absolute cutest!

A Box of Sunshine

This ‘Box of Sunshine’ care package idea has been around for a long time. I’m including it on this list because I really love it and I think it could be a really fun and feminine theme for Mother’s Day! Plus, finding all kinds of different yellow items to go in the box would be fun!

Pink’n of You

“Pink’n of You” is another great color theme for a Mother’s Day care package! What better way to let your mom know that you are thinking of her on this special day?

Treat Yo Self

Another great care package for your mom’s special day is a reminder for her to treat herself! Include a bunch of her favorite things and maybe some cash for her to pick out her own goodies.

Mother’s Day is such a special day to remind your mom just how much she means to you. Distance doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate this day! I hope that this list inspires you to get a box in the mail on the way to your mom ASAP!

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