Driftwood Beach – Jekyll Island: A Hidden Georgia Gem

Girl walking on fallen tree at Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, Georgia.

We recently took a trip to Brunswick, Georgia. Unfortunately it wasn’t all for fun, but we did manage to make a little time for some fun things, like seeing Driftwood Beach!

Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island, Georgia.

Located at the northern tip of Jekyll Island, Driftwood Beach is truly unlike any beach we have ever seen.

We made the quick drive from Brunswick to Jekyll Island, which required an $8.00 fee. And parked beside the road to access the beach. There was a wooded trail that led out to this extraordinary beach.

The wooded trail to the beach on Jekyll Island.
(This little trail made us feel like we discovered a secret beach.)

Over time, erosion and rising tides have killed the trees that lined the beaches of the past. The Atlantic Ocean’s salt water killed the trees, but they remain mostly preserved as driftwood.

The sun-bleached skeletons of dead trees fill the beach to create a haunting scene. Just a cursory glance at the hashtag #driftwoodbeach on Instagram shows breathtaking bridal portraits and travel blogger photos.

Unlike other beaches, Driftwood Beach is more for exploring than swimming. We did see one family playing in the edge of the water, but for the most part people were wearing dry clothes and playing on land.

(My beautiful niece playing on the trees of Driftwood Beach.)

There were plenty of people lounging in hammocks, taking pictures, climbing trees, and playing with their pups.

Walking down the beach will require a little bit of navigating across the bare bones of the trees depending on the tide. We didn’t have an issue since we were there at low tide. We saw several people riding bikes and setting up for bonfires.

(Even my husband was climbing the trees!)

Despite the low tide, we were still able to find a critter! We found a small conch in his shell. Looking for crabs, sand dollars, and seashells is a fun activity at Driftwood Beach, especially for the kids.

Seeing this beach was the highlight of our whole trip! It is truly a unique experience and I hope we get a chance to visit again in the future.

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