Small Porch Decorating: Ideas and Inspiration

Farmhouse front stoop

One my favorite southern things is porches. Growing up in the panhandle of Florida, our front porch was pretty much our second living room. We hung out on the swing, steps, chairs, and benches sharing sweet tea and secrets.

My parents’ front porch wasn’t very big, maybe 8′ x 12′. Yet, it was much bigger than any porch that we’ve ended up with in our many rental houses. In this military life, we don’t get to be real choosy about housing, so we make do with what we’re given.

Many of the rentals that we have lived in had more of a stoop than an actual porch. And I have missed ‘real’ porches terribly! In fact, a big front porch made it onto my dream house checklist.

But until we make that dream a reality, I’ll make the best of stoops and small porches I’m given using these fabulous ideas and inspiration.

Small Porch Ideas

Black & White

Small porch decorating ideas: black and white.

This small porch from Coffee, Pancakes, and Dreams may be small in size, but it’s big in style. I love the black, white, and yellow color scheme. Plus, it was inexpensive and that’s always a win in my book!

Pops of Color

Decoration for a long, narrow porch.

This long narrow porch couldn’t be more inviting with it’s cozy blue rocking chairs. I love the yellow ladder as a plant stand!

Simple Symmetry

Decorate your front stoop with simple symmetry.

This little porch is more of a front stoop and is very similar to what we had at our last rental. This homeowner makes an inviting entry with simple symmetry.

Fun Details


This porch may be small, but it makes a big statement with all of it’s fun details. From it’s painted floor to it’s colorful throw pillows to the curtain to block out the sun, it a winner!

Farmhouse Stoop

Farmhouse front stoop

You don’t have to have a big southern porch to have a farmhouse welcome. This small, rustic entry feels homey with it’s buffalo check and natural green accents.

Big Accent Rug

Oversized layered door mats

This narrow entry makes a statement with it’s over-sized accent rug. Layered door mats is really trendy right now and I’m here for it!

Dark Door

Painting your door a bold color makes a big statement on a small porch.

This small stoop is made more interesting by it’s dark navy blue door. I love how the dark color contrasts with the light brick and tan siding. Add fun wreath, collection of lanterns, and welcome sign and your tiny porch has a lot of style!

Metal Accents

This front stoop looks great with all of it's metal accents.

I love all of the metal accents on this little entry! From the galvanized tub, flower pots, and watering can to it’s black metal light fixtures, this small porch has my vote for one of the best porches around, despite it’s size!

Navy, White, and Gold

This small porch is big on style with it's navy, white, and gold accents.

Navy and white is one of my all-time favorite color combinations! And adding in some gold accents on this small porch, just makes it all the more charming.

After seeing these 9 fabulous small porch decorating ideas, I can no longer feel sorry for myself over having small porches on all of these rental houses. As a military spouse, we have to work with what we’re given and these porches definitely make the most of their small size!

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