15 Student Council Campaign Poster Ideas

In 7th grade, Lainey ran for an office on her school’s Student Council…and won! (Obviously, I’m so proud of her!)

Her favorite part of campaigning was making Student Council campaign signs. She looked up slogans and ideas. And after a quick trip to the craft supply aisle at the store, she made the posters all by herself.

I didn’t realize that school campaign signs have gotten so fancy since I left school. After looking at some online, it’s obvious that some mamas bust out their Cricuts and make some really awesome designs!

Here are some of the best ones I found on Pinterest!

Lainey’s Signs

These were 2 of the signs that Lainey made during her campaign. Her favorite ones were based on the ‘old’ movies/shows that she likes.

Don’t Blow It

This adorable poster was inspired by the classic children’s candy – Blow Pops!

I Don’t Run Very Often

I love the sarcasm in this one: “I don’t run very often, but when I do it’s for President!”

In My Student Council Era

This student council campaign sign is for the Swifties!

‘Chews’ Me

Another candy-inspired campaign poster, but this time with bubble gum: “Chews _______ for President!”

Google It

Who doesn’t use Google to figure out just about everything these days?

Be A Smartie

I just can’t get enough of the candy inspired student council campaign signs. Kids of all ages love candy, even middle and high schoolers!

Got Your Back

The play on words and illustration on this one is terrific: “Vote ______: She’s got your back!”

Pop Culture

So many different pop culture references in these student council campaign signs. You have SpongeBob, Wordle, Taylor Swift, and Stranger Things!

Vision Chart

This vision chart campaign sign idea is so clever! “If you can read this, vote for _____!”

Be a Good Sport

This student council campaign sign is perfect for athletes!

Grey’s Anatomy

I LOVE this Grey’s Anatomy student council campaign poster! “Pick me. Choose me. Vote me.” Obviously, you need to add your name and the office you’re running for though!

Flip Flop

This campaign poster had dad joke vibes, but I love it! “Vote ____! Anyone else is a flop.”

To-Do List

This morning’s to do list: wake up, be awesome, and vote for ____! Give your voters a call to action!

Drinks On Me

Lainey made a sign like this too, but we didn’t get a picture of it. Just make sure that you hang the poster over the water fountain or it doesn’t make much sense.

Make the Right Moove

This cow campaign poster is too cute: “Make the right moove, vote _____.” Honestly, who doesn’t love cows?

These student council campaign sign ideas are great for middle schoolers. I hope that they help you get elected!

You can check out some of my girls’ other school projects, like their 3-D Model of the Solar System or their Wax Museum Costumes.

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