25+ Color Themed Care Package Ideas

Color Themed Care Packages: Red

Sending care packages is one of my favorite things, especially when I get to decorate them and make them fun and cute!

I have tons of care package ideas here on the blog, from birthdays to holidays to deployment. But I haven’t made any color themed care packages. I think it would be fun to not only decorate the box in the recipient’s favorite color, but also find things that are that color to fill the box with.

So, I made a list of ideas for color themed care packages for the next time I need to send a box of love!

Green Care Packages

Most of the green care packages I found online are St. Patrick’s Day themed. However, here are a few non-holiday puns that you could use:

  • Everything is green and serene when we’re together.
  • I could make a pun about green, but it’s just not ripe yet.
  • I mint to tell you….I love you! (Decorate this one in mint green.)
  • Can you be-leaf it’s (insert current month) already? (Decorate with green leaves.)

Blue Care Packages

The most common blue care package I found was “A little something out of the blue.” Which I love. But here are some other puns you might consider:

  • I’m so blue without you.
  • You are so blue-tiful. (Would be cute with makeup/skincare items.)
  • I hope you have a blue-tiful day!
  • You blue me away.


Both of these pink ideas are also on my list of Mother’s Day Care Packages. Of course, they’re going to be girly and fun.

  • I’m tickled pink that you’re my (insert relationship).
  • Pinkin’ of you.
  • Missing you pig time! (Decorate this one with pink pigs.)
  • I hope you’re feeling rosy. (Decorate with pink flowers.)


Of course, the most common yellow care package idea is the box of sunshine. And I love it! But here are some other yellow puns if you want to switch it up:

  • Sending this to say yellow.
  • Sorry I’m cheesy. (Decorate with cheese.)
  • Sorry I’m corny. (Decorate with corn.)
  • I’m bananas about you. (Decorate with bananas.)


The most common color themed care package puns for the color orange start with the phrase “Orange you glad…?” Here are some of the best ones:

  • Orange you glad we love you?
  • Orange you glad you opened this box?
  • Orange you gonna be happy to see me in _____ days?
  • I hope you peel better soon. (Decorate with oranges.)
  • Cheer up sad-suma, you’re coming home soon!


Red is such a patriotic color, so you could definitely use red to make a great deployment care package. Here are few pun ideas:

  • We miss you al-red-y!
  • You are a red-iculously good friend!
  • I’m red-y for you to come home.
  • You make my heart beet red. (Decorate with beets.)
  • Red Alert: Only ____ weeks left until you’re home!


I thought purple puns would be the hardest to find, but I was wrong. Here are some purple puns to round out your color themed care packages!

  • Have a purple-y perfect birthday!
  • Here’s a purple box of power.
  • I’m plum crazy for you! (Decorate with plums.)
  • I hope you have a grape day! (Decorate with grapes.)

These color themed care package ideas are such a fun way to let your long-distance loved one know that you are loving and missing them.

I hope this list inspires you to get a box in the mail soon!

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