12 Military Gallery Wall Ideas for Your Home

Military inspired bedroom decor

For as long as I can remember, my Nana had a military gallery wall full of my Papa’s Army memorabilia. There were pictures of him flying helicopters, letters of commendation, plaques, awards, etc.

I remember staring at that wall as a little girl, long after he passed away, thinking he looked so handsome in his flight suit and wondering at the bravery it took to fly over the jungles of Vietnam as bullets whizzed by.

Even then, I never dreamed I would marry a man in uniform. It didn’t occur to me that the sound of helicopters whirring would be the music of my daily life.

And just like my Nana, I am so damn proud of my husband. Proud enough to make him a military gallery wall in our home. In fact, we want to decorate our guest room in a military theme.

Here are some ideas I am using as inspiration:


Military gallery wall ideas: multi generational.
(Hang-Ups Custom Framing and Art Gallery)

This impressive military gallery wall displays the achievements of a father and son. I don’t imagine there’s anything more special than that in their home!

Uniquely Sized

These super long antique military photos make the most unique gallery wall! I’ve never seen anything like them before, but


Not only does this military gallery wall showcases some awards, pictures, and coins, but it’s with those baskets at the bottom it also serves as storage.


You can tell this family is proud of their Marines. This gallery wall is even painted in the Marine uniform colors!


I love the creative use of netting in this military wall display!

Proud Navy Family

This Navy family proudly displays their sailor’s achievements and pictures. As they should!

A Whole Room

This isn’t just a gallery wall, it’s the whole room! And honestly, that’s what we’re (kind of) planning on doing. We want to decorate our guest room with my husband’s Army stuff.

Shadow Box

Most military gallery walls have shadow boxes, but I love how this one has the regular uniform and the dress uniform in it!


This bedroom is definitely the vibe/aesthetic that I’m aiming for. However, the decor on the walls will be my husband’s personal Army stuff.

Love Letters

I love that this military gallery wall contains a shadow box of letters. I still have the letters I wrote my husband in basic training in a box somewhere and I need to dig them out!

Antique Prints

This gallery wall is made up of antique prints and drawings of men in uniform. And while I don’t want a whole wall of this, I would love to mix a few in with the pictures of my husband.

American Flags

I love this collection of American flags. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for some to add to our military themed guest room or gallery wall.

I can’t wait to get started on our military-themed guest room. These pictures have given me a lot of inspiration!

If you’re looking for more ways to display your military journey in your home, you should check out this post. There’s more great ideas there too!

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