15 Moving Announcement Ideas

Moving announcement ideas: stacked boxes

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It’s PCS season and we’ve been spotting moving trucks around the neighborhood. And while it is a stressful time, I always love seeing creative moving announcements!

I don’t remember these being a thing when my husband first joined the Army (way back in 2009), but in recent years, I’ve seen some pretty cute posts on social media letting family and friends know that a move is on the horizon.

So, I had to put a list together of all the best moving announcement ideas!

Kids with a Box

These are the pictures that I took for our last two PCS-es. You can’t go wrong with moving boxes and cute kids! I can’t believe how much the girls grew in just 3 years! (You can find the tutorial for how to make a moving announcement here.)

With the Pups

If you don’t have kids, your fur babies will be just as adorable!

Baby in a Box

It doesn’t get any cuter than a baby in a box! And those boots look like they’re as big as he is.

Stacked Boxes

This is one of my favorite moving announcement ideas! Those stacked boxes perfectly represent the overwhelming amount of things to do during a PCS.

In a Pretty Place

Of course, moving announcement pictures are even better if you can take them in a pretty location! We might have to take ours on the beach before we leave Hawaii.

Wine & Pizza

I absolutely love the idea of a wine and pizza moving announcement surrounded by boxes and paper. And it’s probably the most honest one on this list!

Flat Lay

Flat lay photos are always so pretty and there are so many creative ways you can do them. I love this one with the uniform and a letter board.

Surrounded By Boxes

This one is romantic and perfect for those young couples just starting their family!

Digital Downloads

And when you just don’t have time to come up with all the cute moving announcement ideas, there are always digital downloads from Etsy. And some of them are so cute!

Toddler Car

I wish I had done this with our girls when they were little! It’s one of the best moving announcement ideas out there.

Change of Address Cards

I absolutely love the idea of sending change of address cards to friends and family members. And this one is hilarious, because it’s not THAT far…really!

Family Photo

I love that the whole family got in on this moving announcement!

Letter Balloons

There are so many cute things you could do with letter balloons. I am a fan of this sweet, simple message though!

Dog in the Box

I doubt we could ever get our wild dog to sit still for a picture, but it you’re will cooperate, put them in the box!

There’s not much that’s fun about PCS-ing. It’s a stressful and trying time, to be sure. However, making a cute moving announcement is one thing that I look forward to when we get orders.

I hope these moving announcement ideas inspire you to make one too!

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