10 Things To Do at Fort Cavazos This Summer

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We are headed into our 3rd (and final!) round of summer adventures at Fort Cavazos (formerly known as Fort Hood) in Texas.

Summer is always our favorite time of year. Sleeping in and staying up late, jumping in every swimming hole we can find, sleepovers any day of the week, and trips to see grandparents are just the highlights of our summertime fun.

We try to go on as many adventures as possible at every duty station. And Texas is no exception. (You should see our massive Fort Cavazos and Texas Bucket List!)

Here are 10 summer adventures you should have if you’re stationed at Fort Cavazos!

Summer Adventures at Fort Cavazos

Krause Springs

Located 1 hour and 20 minutes from Fort Cavazos, Krause Springs is worth the drive. With 32 springs on the property that offer both natural and man-made swimming holes, you’re bound to find water that is cold and clear.

There is a beautiful waterfall, hiking trails, a rope swing, and a gorgeous garden to explore. It truly is a Texas Hill Country oasis. (Check out: 6 Things You Don’t Want to Miss at Krause Springs.)

summer adventures
(The Krause Springs waterfall is a photo opportunity you don’t want to miss!)

Lake Days

One of our favorite things to do last summer was spend the afternoon at Belton Lake. A good book, the sun, drinks, snacks, and some floats were all we needed for a fun and relaxing summer day.

One of our favorite spots was Westcliff Park. It’s only $5 for a day pass, so it’s a cheap way to spend the day. There are other parks in the area, including BLORA, which has playgrounds and other facilities. So, find a park and have yourself a lake day. (Check out: 7 of Our Favorite Fort Cavazos Swimming Holes.)

Summer adventures at Fort Hood: go to the lake.
(Nothing better than reading a good book and getting a tan.)
(The girls love playing in the water!)

Float a River

A quintessential Texas summer wouldn’t be complete without a float trip! Find a river, rent some tubes, and spend the day floating your worries away.

Unfortunately, this is one Fort Cavazos summer adventure that I haven’t had yet. I planned a whole trip, made reservations, paid for it and everything, and then was sent on a ‘deployment’ for work. So, my family went without me.

But this summer, I’m making sure I float the river before we leave Texas! (We’ll likely be headed to the San Marcos River using Texas State Tubes.)

The girls loved this hammock we rented for this trip.
(Relaxing on the Pedernales River….can’t wait to float down one soon!)

Blue Hole

Just north of Austin in Georgetown is one of the prettiest swimming areas we’ve ever been to. A section of the San Gabriel River is dammed up, creating a manmade waterfall.

Blue Hole Park, while popular, is not overcrowded. It’s also great for toddlers and little kids, as there are plenty of shallow areas to wade in. It’s the perfect place to relax and float the day away. (Check out: 11 Pictures That Prove Blue Hole Park in Georgetown is a Slice of Paradise.)

Girl standing under a waterfall at Blue Hole Park.
(Standing under the ‘waterfall’ at Blue Hole Park.)

Chalk Ridge Falls

One of our first hikes in Texas was to Chalk Ridge Falls in Belton. The girls loved that they were able to swim at the waterfall at the end of the hike. And they still talk about crossing the swinging bridge!

Plus, it’s less than 30 minutes away from Fort Cavazos, so it’s a great summer adventure option! (Check out: 3 Reasons to Add Chalk Ridge Falls to Your Texas Bucket List.)

Girl sitting in the water in front of a waterfall near Fort Hood, Texas.
(It’s hard to believe that this beautiful scene is right down the road from Fort Cavazos!)

Go to the Beach

Since we’re from Florida, being stationed in a Gulf Coast state wasn’t that big of a deal. However, if you’re from a landlocked state, don’t miss your opportunity to go to the beach!

Texas beaches aren’t as pretty as Florida’s Emerald Coast beaches, but there were a few things that I actually liked better about Galveston than the beaches back home.

Girls riding boogie boards at a Texas beach. A summer adventure.
(Boogie boarding at the beach is a summer adventure that you don’t want to miss!)

Go Fishing

Fishing is one of our favorite summer activities. There’s nothing like watching your kids’ excitement as they reel in a fish!

There are several lakes and creeks in the area to choose from. We have tried fishing from the bank on Stillhouse Hollow Lake and had some luck. So, load up the kids and spend an afternoon wetting some hooks!

Fishing near Fort Hood at Rivers Bend Park. A summer adventure

McKinney Falls

Austin is a little over an hour’s drive from Fort Cavazos and there are tons of adventures to be had in the capital city. However, on a particularly hot summer day, a trip to McKinney Falls would be a perfect way to beat the heat.

Not only is it a beautiful park and full of awesome swimming holes, but there are plenty of trails for hiking and wildlife watching. (Check out: 10 Pictures That Prove McKinney Falls is One of the Prettiest Swimming Holes in Austin.)

McKinney Falls in Austin, Texas
(McKinney Falls is as beautiful as it is refreshing!)

Visit a Cave

Texas summers are notoriously, swelteringly hot (which is why most of these adventures involve swimming). But who needs a swimming hole, when you can chill out underground?

There are several caves within driving distance from Fort Cavazos. Longhorn Cavern is about an hour away near Burnet and Inner Space Caverns is also an hour away in Georgetown.

Visiting a cave would also be a good rainy-day activity! You should check out this list of 41 Indoor Activities Near Fort Cavazos.

things to do in Springfield, MO: ride through Fantastic Caverns
(This cave is in Missouri, but we can’t wait to see one in Texas this summer!)

Feed the Animals at Topsey

Looking for an activity that doesn’t involve water? Try feeding the animals at Topsey Exotic Ranch!

We have been several times since we moved here and had a GREAT time EVERY time. The girls love not only seeing the animals but also getting to pet and feed them.

It’s one of our favorite places to take family and friends when they come to visit. It never fails to make us laugh so hard we cry!

Feeding and petting the zebras at Topsey Exotic Ranch.
(Zebras are just one of the many animals you’ll find!)

These Fort Cavazos summer adventures are sure to fill your time in Texas with great memories! Make a summer bucket list for your family and try to mark 1 or 2 things off of it every week.

We have 2 of these adventures left to complete and I can’t wait for summer to get here!

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