Cadillac Ranch: Everything You Need to Know

Cadillac Ranch: Everything You Need to Know
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Weird art, a billionaire, and 10 Cadillacs?

Add in some spray paint and you get a wonderful, quirky American roadside attraction!

We visited Cadillac Ranch during our Spring Break jaunt to North Texas and it was one of the highlights of our trip! We also marked another item off our Fort Hood & Texas Bucket List.

Here is everything you need to know about this Texas icon.

Cadillac Ranch under a clear blue Amarillo Sky.
(Cadillac Ranch under a clear blue Amarillo sky.)


These 10 Cadillacs have been buried nose-first in the ground since 1974 when 2 San Francisco artists teamed up with an Amarillo billionaire to create this art installation. Originally, the cars were placed in a wheat field, but in 1997 they were moved 2 miles west to a cow pasture to escape the growing city.

Fun Fact: The cars are inclined at the same angle as the pyramids of Giza.

The cars are technically on private property but are open to the public. And adding your own art to them with spray paint is encouraged!

There is no cost to visit Cadillac Ranch (except for a can of spray paint, if you want) and no lines or management of any kind. Open 24 hours a day, so visitors are always welcome.

(Lyvi was so excited to be allowed to vandalize something!)

Tips for Visiting Cadillac Ranch

It’s Windy

North Texas can be extremely windy. The winds were gusting while we were there. So, not only was my hair blowing around like crazy, but paint was blowing around too as other people were spraying. I recommend wearing your hair up and holding onto your hat!

(Our hair was blowing everywhere as we tried to get a picture.)

It’s Messy

A visit to Cadillac Ranch is probably not the best time to wear your cute new outfit, especially for kids. There is wet paint everywhere. Both of my kids got paint on their pants when they climbed on the cars. And as I mentioned before, there is paint blowing around in the wind too. Lyvi ended up with little specks of paint on her glasses from the wind.

Thousands upon thousand of layers of paint cover the cars at Cadillac Ranch.
(Thousands upon thousands of layers of paint cover these cars.)

It’s Muddy

We had several days of dry, sunny weather before we visited Cadillac Ranch, so we didn’t have to worry about mud. However, there are pictures on social media of the cars looking like they’re buried in a lake after a storm! Just like leaving your cutest clothes at home, maybe this isn’t the best place for your best shoes either.

One of the 10 cars at Cadillac Ranch in Texas.
(It’s either a dusty or muddy place depending on the weather. And unfortunately it’s quite littered.)

Don’t Forget the Paint

We stopped at Wal-Mart before heading to Cadillac Ranch to let the kids pick out their own can of spray paint. They wouldn’t have enjoyed their visit nearly as much if they weren’t able to leave their mark.

There’s an RV park right down the road that sells spray paint in case you forget it. They also offer t-shirts and other souvenirs. Plus, you can get a picture of the 2nd Amendment Cowboy!

The 2nd Amendment Cowboy standing tall near Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas.
(The 2nd Amendment Cowboy standing tall in Amarillo.)

This was a fun and a pretty quick stop during our visit to Amarillo. We were only there for about 30-45 minutes. We made our mark, took plenty of pictures, and were on our way.

If you’re ever in Amarillo or driving along Route 66, make sure you stop at Cadillac Ranch!

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