Krause Springs: 6 Things You Don’t Want to Miss

Family swimming under waterfall at Krause Springs in Spicewood, Texas.

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Before living in Texas, I thought that the majority of the state was flat, scrubby, desert land. I had no idea that there were multiple waterfalls across the state or that many of them were near Fort Cavazos.

Our latest Texas waterfall adventure was at Krause Springs! (Our first Texas waterfall experience was at Gorman Falls.)

This 100+ acre property is listed on the National Registry of Historical Sights and has belonged to the Krause family for almost 70 years. More than 30 natural springs fill a manmade swimming pool that flows into the natural swimming area and eventually empties into Lake Travis.

Krause Springs is only 1.5 hours away from Fort Cavazos. Thankfully, it hasn’t closed due to the severe drought we’re having, like other swimming holes in the area.

It is such a beautiful place and the owners are the sweetest. Here are 6 things that you don’t want to miss during your visit.

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The Waterfall(s)

The main draw to Krause Springs (at least on Instagram) is the beautiful waterfall that dominates the natural swimming area.

This moss and plant-covered cascade is the backdrop to thousands of gorgeous pictures online. You would honestly think that this lush backdrop is located on a tropical island.

The kids loved swimming under the waterfall and climbing on the rocks beneath it. And of course, we took plenty of pictures.

To our surprise, there is more than one waterfall at Krause Springs! We saw another one from a distance near the long staircase down to the swimming area but decided it was too far to carry all of our stuff over to it.

And since there are hiking trails throughout the property, there could be others that I’m not aware of. It would be worth a hike to see what you might find!

The waterfall at Krause Springs in Spicewood, Texas.
(Even with the severe drought, the waterfall was still flowing.)
(And everything was lush and green.)

The Cave

You also don’t want to miss the small cave behind the waterfall. (Unless you’re a scaredy-cat like me and then, yes, you do!)

Right behind the main waterfall, there is a small cave. I went to the entrance and looked in, but once I saw all the spiders and spiderwebs, I decided I didn’t want to explore any deeper!

My husband went a little farther in but there wasn’t enough light to see much. But if you’re brave and think to bring a flashlight, it might be fun to explore!

The cave behind the waterfall at Krause Springs.
(The entrance to the cave behind the waterfall.)

Rope Swing

Nothing says summer better than an old-fashioned rope swing into a cold creek.

My kids were too afraid to try it (I think it was mostly because so many people were watching), but all day long people were swinging from a rock ledge on the bank of the creek into its muddy waters.

Since it’s spring-fed, the water in Little Cypress Creek is a chilly 68 degrees year-round. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as clear as other springs that we’ve been to. The water was muddy, but there had been some (much-needed) rain lately and there were a lot of people there stirring up the water.

I’ve seen pictures online of the natural swimming area when the water isn’t muddy, and you can see down to the mossy rocks on the bottom of the creek.

The rope swing at Krause Springs.
(Nothing better than an old-fashioned rope swing.)

Man-Made Pool

If the natural swimming area is too busy or too muddy for you, then you’re in luck. There is also a man-made swimming pool at Krause Springs.

And though the pool is man-made, the water comes from the natural springs. So, it is clear, cold, and constantly flowing.

The pool has a little rock ledge that the kids loved jumping off of. And I enjoyed sitting on the steps and watching them play.

Floating in the pool at Krause Springs.
(The water in the pool was cold and clear.)
(Summertime swimming is their favorite!)

Butterfly Garden

The last thing we did before we left Krause Springs was walk through the butterfly garden. And I could have stayed there ALL DAY!

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a more beautiful garden!

It is lush and full of plants both exotic and familiar. There are several fountains, benches, swings, a hammock, statues, tables, chairs, and more scattered throughout.

If you are interested in plants or gardening at all, you definitely don’t want to miss the butterfly garden!

The butterfly garden at Krause Springs.
(The garden is absolutely beautiful.)
Krause Springs has one of the most beautiful gardens ever!
(Full of end of summer blooms.)
Plants in the garden at Krause Springs.
(I loved seeing the cacti and succulents too.)
Stopping to smell the flowers in the Butterfly Gardens at Krause Springs.
(We always take the time to stop and smell the flowers.)

Giant Cypress Trees

Maybe we’re just weird. Or maybe we’ve been living in the Fort Hood area too long and have gotten accustomed to the short, scrubby cedar bushes that surround us.

BUT we were amazed by the giant cypress trees at Krause Springs! These things were massive!

Bald cypress trees have reached ages of 800-1200 years old and I’m convinced that the ones at Krause Springs are hundreds of years old. They are beautiful!

Giant cypress trees at Krause Springs in Texas.
(The trees are SO BIG!)
Family among the giant cypress trees at Krause Springs.
(Pictures really don’t do them justice.)
(We’re so glad to have our adventure buddy home with us!)

Krause Springs was truly unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Not only was it lush, beautiful, and a welcome respite from the brutal 2022 Texas summer, but it was a wonderful day of family fun and just being together after a long deployment.

I can’t recommend this place enough for families stationed at Fort Cavazos!

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