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Ways to Showcase Your Military Journey in Your Home

Most service members are proud of their time spent in the military. And what better way to show that pride than in your own home?

There are tons of ways that people display their service in their homes, but here are my favorites and what I have or plan to do in my own house.

States/Duty Station Wall Art

One of the most common ways to display your military service, especially for families that are still active duty is to showcase the places they’ve lived at together as a family.

This is actually what I’ve done in my house for years! At first, I used these DIY burlap canvases with the silhouette of the state painted on them. But I’m currently working on a new embroidery project, which I hope to finish up soon!

Photo Collage of Travels

Hands down, one of the best part of military life is getting to travel to different places. What better way to showcase your military journey as a family than with a photo collage featuring travel pictures?

And while this isn’t exclusively for military families, it’s still a fun way to show off all the cool pictures you’ve taken in the places you’ve seen.

Honor/Hero Wall

Another way to showcase your military career in your home is to create an Honor Wall or a Hero Wall. On it, you can put pictures of not only you in uniform, but also any other family members that have served in the military. It’s also a great place to put a uniform or flag shadow box, coin holder, patch collection, etc.

Coin Holders

Another great way to showcase your military journey in your home is with a coin holder. I’m not sure about every branch, but as an active duty soldier in the Army, my husband has a considerable collection of coins. He plans to build a coin holder to display them all in our house.

Patch Display

As with coins, Heff has an ever-growing collection of patches. He built a flag display for them and it hangs in our military-themed guest room. Displaying your patch collection is a great way to showcase your military journey in your home!

Shadow Boxes

One of the most classic ways to showcase your military journey is to make a shadow box with your uniform. But there are plenty of other ideas for shadow box displays and when my husband finally retires from the Army, we’ll definitely be making him one!

There are so many unique and creative ways to showcase your military journey in your home! We are currently in the process of decorating our guest room with a military theme and I can’t wait to use some of these ideas in there!