Where to Take the Kids Fishing Near Fort Hood, Texas

Fishing near Fort Hood at Rivers Bend Park.
**This post will be updated as we find new fishing holes!**

One of our favorite ways to pass the time on a warm spring afternoon is fishing!

I have so many sweet memories of fishing with my Papa and siblings from my childhood and I’m hoping to pass some of those same kinds of memories to my girls.

Finding new fishing holes at each new duty station is always troublesome, but there are plenty of options for fishing near Fort Hood.

Since we don’t own a boat, you can find us fishing from the banks of the area lakes and rivers.

Here are some spots that we’ve been fishing near Fort Hood!

Little girl baiting her hook with a worm.
(This one just wanted to play with the worms!)

Rivers Bend Park on Stillhouse Hollow Lake

On our first Texas fishing adventure, we headed to Rivers Bend Park on Stillhouse Hollow Lake. My husband heard about this little park from a co-worker who uses it to launch his kayak.

There was plenty of open areas along the bank, along with picnic tables and public restrooms. This little park is also well-taken-care-of, so the grass was mowed and I didn’t have to worry about the kids stepping on a snake.

(You can find info on the conditions of Stillhouse Hollow Lake and it’s parks here.)

We caught several fish (I’m not even going to pretend to know what kind). However, they were all very small, so we threw them back. But we still had a fun time!

Under the FM 3481 Bridge on the Lampasas River

After trying Stillhouse Hollow Lake, we decided to try our hand on the Lampasas River. On the way to Rivers Bend we crossed the bridge on FM 3481 and saw several people fishing from the bank.

There is a parking area and several trails leading down the banks in both directions. We saw a huge fish carcass on the bank, so we know people had caught big fish here.

We stopped and looked around, but ultimately ended up leaving because there was a lot of grass between the bank and the deeper water. And neither my husband nor I felt like fighting with the kids about getting their line stuck in it a hundred times.

There were other people there fishing with no issues, so we might try it again another day.

I love that we have been able to take our kids fishing at nearly every duty station the Army has sent us to. The years are flying by and I feel like I’m running out of time to make these memories with them. So, we were grateful to find these spots here at Fort Hood.

So far, we have only found 2 Texas fishing holes, but I’ll update this list as we find more spots!

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