Millstone Creek Orchards: Apple Pickin’ Near Fort Bragg, NC

Apple pickin' near Fort Bragg at Millstone Creek Orchards.

We have only 2 weeks before we leave Fort Bragg, so we’re trying to squeeze in all of the North Carolina adventures. Apple picking being a must!

When we first moved here, I found 6 orchards in driving distance of Fort Bragg. So, we drove to Millstone Creek Orchards in Ramseur for one last apple pickin’ adventure!

Picking apples at Millstone Creek Orchards near Fort Bragg, NC.


We started our visit to the orchard with a hayride around the property!

**Due to Covid, we had to reserve tickets for the Apple Pickin’ Adventure ahead of time. They also require a mask on the hayride and in the barn. The Apple Pickin’ Adventure includes access to the u-pick fields, a hayride, apple tasting, and a mini apple cider slushie. **

There was a short pep talk before the hayride that went over safety rules and some basic information about the orchard. Then we were off!

It was surprising that Millstone Creek Orchards not only grows apples, but also peaches, blueberries, pumpkins, black berries, grapes, sunflowers, gourds, and pecans!

There is something available at the orchard pretty much all year!

Apple Pickin’ at Millstone Creek Orchards

After the hayride, we headed out to the front orchard. The front orchard contains a variety of apple trees and is open to the public.

The staff gave us another talkin’ to in the orchard. They explained where we could find the specific types of apples we were looking for. They also explained how to use an apple picker (which might seem straightforward, but honestly was the first time I had ever seen one).

Using an apple picker!
(Using an apple picker for the first time!)

Included in the cost of our Apple Pickin’ Adventure ticket was a quarter peck bag. A quarter peck bag can hold about 2.7 pounds of apples.

I was worried that a quarter peck bag wouldn’t be enough apples to bring home. Or that we would fill the bags too quickly, but it was the perfect size. We had enough apples for 2 pies and it took us about 45 minutes to fill the bags!

Apple Goodies & Playground

After we filled our bags, we headed to the apple barn for our apple cider slushie and other apple goodies. Sadly, we didn’t get to try the famous apple cider donuts, but we did buy a loaf of apple bread that was divine!

We took our slushies and snacks out to the picnic tables and playground.

The girls loved the sound wall, the tire swings, and the obstacle course. And we couldn’t leave without a picture in the BIG chair.

We had such a fun day at Millstone Creek Orchards! It was only our second time ever picking apples, so it was pretty special and the girls LOVED it! (You can read about our first time picking apples in North Carolina here!)

This orchard is only an hour drive from Fort Bragg and is the perfect way to spend a fall afternoon.

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