5 Quirky Things to Look For in Fayetteville, NC

Quirky things to look for in Fayetteville #1: the mini Eiffel Tower.

Every town has some quirky roadside things that make them unique. Many times, even the locals don’t know where these things came from or why….they’ve just always been there.

And Fayetteville is no exception!

Since moving to the area more than 3 years ago, we noticed a few quirky things that we’ve only ever seen in Fayetteville.

5 Quirky Things in Fayetteville

Mini Eiffel Tower

Quirky things to look for in Fayetteville #1: the mini Eiffel Tower.
(The mini Eiffel Tower at the Bordeaux Center.)

Fayetteville, North Carolina is home to a mini Eiffel Tower. This landmark is located at the Bordeaux Center on Owen Drive. Most of the businesses in the center are medical, not shopping, but we’ve driven by several times and finally had to stop for a picture.

Built in 1971, this version of the Eiffel Tower is only a fraction of the size of the real thing, but the kids thought it was a cool substitute!

The Whale

The whale at Rowan Park.
(The whale at Rowan Park.)

The whale at Rowan Park is another of Fayetteville’s quirky attractions. According to a guy on Roadside America, a construction crew had leftover concrete and poured it into a blob before giving it a tail.

Whether it was intentional or not, I’m sure kids of all ages love climbing on it as much as mine did.

Tallywood Tower

Another quirky landmark in Fayetteville is the Tallywood Tower.
(The Tallywood Tower on Raeford Road.)

Like the Eiffel Tower at the Bordeaux Center, the Tallywood Tower marks another group of businesses – the Tallywood Shopping Center. And this one was here first!

Built in the 1960s, this 60-foot-tall futuristic tower was meant to draw visitors to the shopping center when it was once the outskirts of town.

Babe Ruth’s First Home Run

(The Babe Ruth sign. Photo courtesy of RoadsideAmerica.com.)

The Babe Ruth sign on Gillespie Street is another quirky Fayetteville attraction.

It was in America’s Hometown that The Great Bambino hit his first professional home run in 1914. The sign also reads, “In this town, George Herman Ruth acquired the nickname ‘Babe’. ” A pretty cool attraction for baseball fans!

The Ghost Tower

The Ghost Tower is another quirky thing to look for in Fayetteville.
(The Ghost Tower at Arsenal Park.)

The Ghost Tower at Arsenal Park is another unusual or quirky structure that can be found in Fayetteville. Unlike the Bordeaux and Tallywood towers, this one is not an advertising scheme.

This giant metal frame is an approximation of the towers that once made up the arsenal facility that produced weapons here in the 1800s. During the Civil War, General William T. Sherman destroyed the arsenal in order to weaken Confederate Troops.

Have you seen any of these quirky things in Fayetteville? Or what have I missed?

(Some of these are on our Fort Bragg Bucket List!)

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