The PCS Purge: How Our House Lost Nearly 400 Pounds!

The PCS Purge: How Our House Lost Nearly 400 Pounds!

During our last PCS, the head mover told us that we were only 600 pounds shy of our maximum shipment weight. If we went over that weight, we would have to pay (per pound!) for any overage.

Since moving to Fort Bragg, we have built or refurbished several new pieces of furniture (such as the farmhouse buffet and the vintage hardware cabinet). Which would probably put us well over that 600 pound mark.

You can go to to see your moving allowance based on your rank and move details.

Before every PCS, we do a big clean out and get rid of the things that aren’t coming along to our next duty station. But this PCS purge was different….we knew our house had to lose some serious weight!

Here is how we took nearly 400 pounds off of our HHG shipment weight!

One of the many loads of donations that we got rid of during our PCS purge.
(This was 1 of 3 loads of donations that went to the local thrift store.)


The first area we cleaned out was the bookshelves.

We are a family of readers, so it’s no surprise that we accumulated wayyy too many books since we moved here. The kids had outgrown a lot of their books and were willing to let a lot of them go. In addition to the books that my husband and I knew we wouldn’t be re-reading.

After our book purge, we ended up donating 3 boxes FULL of books!

Books are heavy and took at least 60 pounds off of our shipment weight.

Toys/Girls’ Rooms

The next thing we tackled as part of our PCS purge was the girls’ bedrooms and toys.

I’m ashamed to admit that 3 garbage bags full of actual trash came out of their rooms. PLUS 4 bags full of things to donate!

They both agreed to give up their play kitchen and Barbie dream house that they no longer played with. And after cleaning out, we discovered that we no longer needed one of their toy boxes!

We sold the big items on Facebook and let the girls use the money to go play mini-golf and ride go-karts.

With 3 big items and the bags full of toys, we probably took 150 pounds off of shipment weight.

This massive shelf helps keep the playroom organized.
(Just look how neat and clean the girls’ playroom is!)


Closets were the next area we covered in the PCS purge.

Not only did we get rid of a bag full of clothes from each closet, but I also cleaned out the hand-me-downs that we have stored away.

Six garbage bags full later, we were able to take roughly 75 pounds off of our shipment.


Next, I tackled the linen closet and towels.

There were several raggedy towels that needed to be trashed. We also got rid of 2 bags full of blankets and sheets that we no longer need.

It was probably the easiest area to clean out and took around 20 pounds off of our shipment weight.


During the Corona virus lock down, we got several projects done. (You can see all of our ‘Rona projects’ here!) One of which was to clean out and organize our kitchen.

This was before we knew about orders to Fort Hood, but we got rid of 2 big boxes of unused kitchen items and a small bag of dry goods.

This probably took about 25 pounds off of our shipment.

During quarantine, I organized our kitchen cabinets.
(A little obsessed with my newly organized and color coordinated kitchen cabinets!)

Craft Supplies

If you’ve been around my blog even a little, then you know I do a lot of crafting and refurbishing. So, I have a lot of craft supplies.

During our PCS purge, I took some time to go through my craft supplies and toss the ones that I wouldn’t be using any time soon.

I ended up with 2 bags of donations and 1 bag of trash…..from ONE cabinet! That’s more than a little embarrassing, but it’s so organized and pretty now!

This helped decrease our shipment weight by approximately 30 pounds.


There are several areas of our house that needed to be purged that didn’t really fit into any of the categories.

After cleaning out our junk drawers, the tops of our closets, our paper clutter, holiday decorations, and any other miscellaneous area that I’m forgetting right now, we had 2 more bags of things to get rid of.

It probably took another 25 pounds off of shipment.

One of the many loads of stuff we hauled off during the PCS purge!
(This was 1 of 3 loads of stuff that we hauled away during the PCS purge!)

It felt good to get the house cleaned out and organized before strangers show up to pack it all away.

This major PCS purge took nearly 400 pounds off of our shipment weight!

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