3 Wedding Details Our Guests Remember 10 Years Later

3 Wedding Details Our Guests Remember 10 Years Later

Last week, we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary! It’s still unreal to me that we have been married for T E N whole years!

This milestone has had me reminiscing on our wedding. It was such a special day for us. ALL of our family and friends all came out to celebrate with us. (I’m serious….we sent out around 100 invitations and more than 300 hundred people showed up at our little country church.) And we had the best time!

To this day, I still get asked about a couple of our wedding details and my mom still loans out some of the decor that we used.

The Most Memorable Wedding Details: The things our guests still remember about our wedding 10 years later. | Finding Mandee

I think it’s amazing that some of our decor is still being asked about and used after 10 years! But I can’t take credit for any of it. My mom planned and executed the whole thing and she was an absolute rockstar! (In fact, she’s been urged to start an event planning business, but refused.)

Here are some of the details that made our wedding so special.

*Obviously, I can’t take credit for these beautiful photos, our wedding photographer was the talented Brittany Godbee.*

The Chocolate Table

Hands down, this was the biggest hit of the night! Everyone LOVED our chocolate table.

Filled with a variety of homemade and store-bought candies, cookies, and treats, this table was laden with chocolate desserts.

At most weddings, the only dessert is the cake. Which is fine….if you like cake, but for guests that aren’t fans of fondant, we wanted to have other options.

My mom, aunts, and granny spent hoursss making peanut butter balls, brownies, oreo balls, and other homemade candies, along with dipped pretzels, marshmallows, and rice krispies. The end result was table that was absolutely overflowing with goodness.

Some of the chocolate goodies even made their way over to the food table.

Personal Touch

One quirky little thing that we did at our wedding was to add a little known personal touch.

Before we started dating, my husband worked at the store that I would go to after school. Most days, I bought peanuts and a coke or a moonpie and he remembered that when we started dating years later.

So, at our wedding we had antique washtubs full of cokes, peanuts, and moonpies for all of our guests. And it was a hit!

10 years later, my mom gets people asking all the time to borrow that washtub for their own wedding.

It was just one of those small details that people will remember always!

Fruit Display

Another wedding detail that people still remember about our wedding was the fruit display.

We did not hire a professional catering company for our wedding. All of the food and decorations were done by my mom and aunt. And they did a fantastic job!

Brides have called my mom and asked her to make a chocolate table and fruit display for their weddings. She declines because it’s sooo much work, but just look at how beautiful it turned out!

The day that I married my best friend was extraordinary for a number of reasons, but these 3 details were apparently among the most memorable.

The fact that my family members were able to create such stunning displays still blows my mind. We will never be able to repay them for all of their hard work.

I absolutely adored our wedding. This day kicked off our adventures, our hardships, our entire life together and it could not have been more perfect!

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