Quarantine Projects: How We Passed the Time During the Stay at Home Order

The projects that kept us busy during quarantine and stay at home orders.

North Carolina lifted it’s ‘Stay at Home Order’ on Friday, May 8 when it began Phase 1 of re-opening the economy. I went to work for the last time on March 20, so we had 45 days to fill. What better way to fill them than with plenty of quarantine projects?

This return to ‘normal’ has really got me thinking about the past 45 days and how we spent them here at the Harrison house.

There was plenty of sleeping in and Netflix binge-ing for all of us and lots of playing and bike riding for the kids. And my husband and I stayed pretty busy too!

We did plenty of projects during our time off. And I wanted to do a recap of all the things we accomplished during quarantine.

Quarantine Projects

Peony Wreath

Peony wreath for front door.
(This peony wreath was my first quarantine project.)

Before COVID hit, I had bought all of the supplies for a new spring wreath. Since I already the supplies, it was easy to put together this beautiful peony wreath. You can check out the tutorial here!

Kitchen Cabinets

During quarantine, I organized our kitchen cabinets.
(Organized kitchen cabinets & put down decorative liner.)

I figured quarantine was perfect opportunity to organize our kitchen cabinets. Not only did I clean out and donate some of our unused cookware, but I also put down a decorative liner to brighten up these lower cabinets.

It seems that peel and stick wallpaper became a recurring theme during our quarantine project spree. This was just the first of 3 projects that I used it on! I bought this particular peel and stick wallpaper at Wal-mart. It’s part of their Pioneer Woman brand and I love it!

Once again, I forgot to take a before picture, but doesn’t it look nice in the after pic?

Wood Art

Quarantine Project: Wood art mosaic - mountain scene.
(My very first wood art mosaic!)

After seeing some gorgeous wood mosaics in my Instagram feed for the past year, I knew quarantine was the perfect time to try to make one of my own.

My husband taught me how to make angled cuts with his miter saw (it’s so easy!) and I was on a mission. I made this little mountain scene as a trial run for a bigger project. This quarantine project might have been the first wood mosaic, but it’s not the last!

Vintage Hardware Cabinet

How to refurbish a vintage hardware cabinet.
(This refurbished vintage cabinet was my favorite quarantine project.)

One of our more time-consuming quarantine projects was this vintage hardware cabinet.

During our time home for Christmas leave, we pulled it out of an old farmhouse on my great-grandparents’ property. Quarantine was the perfect time to get it all fixed up! You can see the tutorial for it’s refurbishment here.

The Dress-Up Box

The completely refurbished vintage trunk!
(We did a full make-over on the girls’ dress-up box & I’m obsessed!)

We have had this vintage steamer trunk for almost 4 years! The girls have been using it as storage for all of their dress-up clothes. It’s the perfect size and fits perfectly in their playroom, the only issue was that it was ugly.

So, what better time to give it a make-over than quarantine? I also wrote up a tutorial for this project here on the blog.

Smallwoods Copycat

A favorite quarantine project was this Smallwoods knock-off.
(This Smallwoods copycat picture was another ‘Rona project.)

I am constantly bombarded with ads on Facebook, but one that always catches my eye is the ad for Smallwoods. They advertise big pictures to hang on the walls of your home and they are gorgeous!

However, they are also expensive, especially if you want more than one. So, I figured out a way to make my own copycat version. This was also a trial run for another project that I’ve been thinking about. I can’t wait to get it all done!

The Fun Stuff

I know that it seems that we filled our whole quarantine with nothing but work. But don’t worry, we made plenty of time for the fun stuff!

Is it weird that I’m a little sad for quarantine to end?

I’m ready for life to go back to normal, but I thoroughly enjoyed having plenty of time to do all of the projects that we had put off.

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